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Capitol of Libtardia, Los Angeles Spending $40,000 Per Mile Painting Streets White #mentalillness #California

Just when you thought California’s Communists couldn’t think of any more ways to waste taxpayer dollars on frivolous projects, they go and prove you wrong.

In their quest to combat the myth of man-made climate change, the city of Los Angeles is employing a new strategy: covering its streets in a grayish-white coating known as CoolSeal. It’s sprayed onto the roadway with trucks, then spread across the surface with squeegees.

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Democrat-Communist proponents of the coating claim its impact extends far beyond the edge of the pavement.

When temperatures in Southern California rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, surface temperatures on its asphalt roads can climb to 150. It exacerbates a phenomenon known as the “urban heat island effect,” which the EPA says can add up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit to the average air temperature in a city, compared to the surrounding area.

Los Angeles is painting some of its streets white in an effort to keep the city cool, and it’s nowhere remotely close to inexpensive, reports WIBC.

The white seal coat, made by a company called GuardTop, is sprayed on roads by a truck. A team of city workers with squeegees then distribute the seal coat evenly across the surface.

Dark-colored or black asphalt absorbs between 80% and 95% of the sun’s rays, heating up LA’s streets up to 150 degrees F. The light-coated streets, on the other hand, reflect much more of the sun’s rays and are an average of 10 to 15 degrees F cooler than regular asphalt streets.

While the coatings last for seven years, they are expensive, costing about $40,000 per mile.


The mentally deranged liberals apparently forgot an important thing about roads. Tires are black, and leave marks everywhere they go. One can only imagine how much they’ll raise taxes to hire an army of street cleaners.


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April 12th, 2018


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