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London Mayor Calls For Riots In London During Trump Visit #Trump #England

Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has launched another hate-filled attack at his arch enemy Donald Trump, saying Brits (Muslims) will be sure to exercise their “free speech” by protesting if he comes to the capital.

The London Mayor issued the threat to the US President after it was announced he will officially visit the UK for the first time in July.

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The trip will take place on Friday the 13th – after Mr Trump stops off in Brussels for a summit of Nato leaders, reports The Sun.

But Mr Khan – who has attacked Trump on several occasions – issued a thinly veiled threat that he will face angry rioters if he comes to London.

The Mayor tweeted: “If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear.

“He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”


The London Mayor has repeatedly said the US President should not get a state visit when he comes, and the pair have fallen out repeatedly online.

Mr Trump attacked him after the London Bridge attacks which left eight dead, but Mr Khan said he was acting like a 12-year-old.

Later on a spokesperson for Khan said that President Trump had taken the Mayor’s words out of context, but the President tweeted again, calling it a “pathetic excuse.”

Mr Khan said the abuse he’s got online has got even worse since he started fighting with the US President too – with one sick user telling him to “blow himself up”. Unfortunately the terrorist hugging Muslim Mayor has yet to enact his 72 virgin dating service option.

And after the US President re-tweeted messages from Britain First, Mr Khan slammed him for sharing “vile, hate-fuelled” tweets.

He also was vocal in calling out Mr Trump’s travel ban, which targeted people from Muslim terrorist shithole nations who are most inclined to butcher Americans who they see as infidels.


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April 27th, 2018


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