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After Moronic Remarks, CNN’s Don Lemon Crowned “Most Racist Hypocrite In America” *VIDEO* #CNN #DonLemon

Well, there’s racism, and there’s hypocrisy. Don Lemon has a giant case of both.

Without a doubt, Obama is ready to pin a medal on Lemon for his superior hypocrisy and race-baiting.

Congratulations Ms Lemon, you are the most racist hypocrite in America! Stay on your game though, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Black Lives Matter are bound to be envious of your accomplishment!

Despite the fact he beds down with a fellow sodomite who is also a white man, CNN’s Don Lemon doubled down Wednesday on his comment earlier this week that the “biggest terror threat in this country are white men.”

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Lemon said Wednesday that the “evidence is overwhelming” that the statement is true, but the only truth is that it is only true in his imagination.

One has to wonder, does Lemon now live in fear of his gay lover?


The CNN anchor’s comments have been condemned on the right, a fact Lemon noted during his Wednesday show.

“Earlier this week, I made some comments about that in a conversation with Chris [Cuomo],” Lemon said. “I said that the biggest terror threat in this country comes from radicals on the far right, primarily white men. That angered some people. But let’s put emotion aside and look at the cold hard facts. The evidence is overwhelming.”

Lemon then referred to a Government Accountability Office report that says since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, right-wing extremists have killed 106 people in 62 different attacks in U.S., while Islamist extremists have killed 119 people in 23 different attacks.

Lemon cited another story that showed “that for every eight deadly attacks by right-wing extremists,” there was one by left-wing extremists.

“So people who were angered about what I said are missing the entire point,” Lemon said. “We don’t need to worry about people who are thousands of miles away. The biggest threats are homegrown. The facts prove that.”

The defense comes after Lemon on Tuesday said that “white men, most of them radicalized to the right” were the biggest terror threat after urging people “to stop demonizing people.”

“We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban — you know, they had the Muslim ban. There is no white-guy ban. So what do we do about that?”

A CNN spokeswoman told The Associated Press that neither Lemon nor the network would speak more about the issue ahead of Lemon’s remarks on Wednesday.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
November 2nd, 2018


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