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Leftists Horrified – Only 1 Abortion Clinic Left In Kentucky *VIDEO* #abortion #right2life

When good is evil, and evil is good, you know your nation has become infested with liberals. America is there, and has been for some time as sane people in America lallygagged around and let the left take control of this nation, but there is hope!

What seemed like overnight, but in reality was decades of complacency, Democrats have convinced many Americans that a baby in the womb isn’t even human, that taking a life in the name of convenience and avoiding responsibility for their actions, was a right. The idea that taking a life is a right has poisoned the soul of America.

We come into 2018 with over 60,000,000 dead, and the vast majority being murdered simply because someone was too irresponsible, too lazy, too immoral, that they would not face the consequences of their actions, so they killed the result to avoid it, a baby.

Now, as inroads are being made to recognize the sanctity of life in America, Democrats bemoan the closing of baby butchering factories… You might know them as abortion clinics, but the net result is the same. Babies are butchered.

Meanwhile in Kentucky, there is but a single abortion clinic left open in the entire state, and liberals are losing their minds over it.

The only abortion clinic still standing is the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville — co-founded by Dona Wells in 1981.

But the state is threatening to shut it down, claiming deficiencies in its licensing paperwork.

That would make Kentucky the first state with no abortion clinics.

Now, a federal district judge is considering whether the state’s requirements are constitutional. And that decision could get appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court — spurring implications for women nationwide, reports CNN.

So what does an abortion really consist of? Watch the video below.

Saturday, 24 women were headed to the EMW Women’s Surgical Center for their abortions. They vary widely by age and race, arriving in cars ranging from clunkers to luxury vehicles.

As each woman speedwalks to the front of the clinic, she faces a gauntlet of morally-minded Kentucky protesters holding giant posters of aborted fetuses.

“Murder in the first degree!” one protester screams. Another pleads, “Honey, change your mind. Darling, you don’t want to do this.”

David Street drove more than two hours from Kentucky Mountain Bible College to confront the women with his sign: “Babies are murdered here.”

“I don’t protest. I stand for life,” the theology professor says.

He doesn’t mind waking up at 3 a.m. for the 150-mile road trip from Jackson to Louisville because he said the progress is real: clinic after clinic is shutting down.

“There were five abortion mills in Kentucky when we started back in the early ’90s. And now the Lord has answered — this is the last remaining abortion mill, not only in Louisville, but also in Kentucky,” Street says.

“The conscience is being raised. People are embarrassed over the fact that this sin and murder has gone on.”

The protests do create converts. Donna Durning is living proof of that.

She’s stood outside EMW clinic every morning, five days a week, for the past 21 years. The petite redhead offers brochures about abortion alternatives and clutches a decade-old photo of a girl named Donisha — a tangible reminder of her success stopping abortions.

“I’ll show you one that’s been saved,” she said, proudly holding up the photo. “This is my little namesake, Donisha. Isn’t that cute?”

She recalled the day Donisha’s parents came to “the abortion mill” 18 years ago, overwhelmed by the financial implications of having a fifth child.

“I talked to them, and I was able to take her to get a free ultrasound,” Durning said. “And when she saw that baby on the screen, heard its little heartbeat, she knew that she could not abort.”

Now, Durning’s 21-year mission is only one abortion clinic away from becoming reality in her state.

“I would rejoice. I’d be very happy, because that means no more babies are going to be ripped apart and thrown in the garbage,” she said.

“I’ll stay until it closes — and then some. I will initiate a great big block party with all the pro-lifers that want to come, and we’ll have a celebration that they’ve closed.”

What’s happening in Kentucky is representative of a nationwide trend: The number of abortion clinics is declining.

Democrats couldn’t be more terrified. The day is coming where they’ll have to face up to the biggest responsibility there is.

Taking care of the life they brought into this world. They’ll never be the same, and the world will be better for it.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 1st, 2018

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