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League Insiders Say Kaepernick’s Actions Are Why He Will NEVER Play In the NFL Again #o4a #NFLBoycott

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October 17th, 2017

Forget actually having the cop-hating, whining, crybaby QB Kaepernick on your team, the mere idea of him in a football uniform again is enough to make head coaches buckle and former star quarterbacks vent.

There is nearly zero chance Kaepernick takes another snap in the NFL, his filing a collusion grievance against the league this weekend sealing his fate.

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Kaepernick’s chances of rejoining the league were already about as good as a snowball’s chance in Hell, but after going directly after the league owners, he might as well stick his head between his knees and kiss his ass goodbye.

Kaepernick has only gotten sniffs since leaving thes 49ers last year, with owners shying away from the controversial protesting ingrate. Every time a quarterback goes down, Kaepernick’s name is immediately floated, and fan bases get incensed at the prospect of cheering for him.

McCarthy said the Packers are looking to add a third quarterback. but it won’t be crybaby Kaepernick who is alleging the league has blackballed him after he began the national anthem protest.

Kaepernick’s attitude and preparedness was rightfully questioned by former NFL All-Pro Boomer Esiason.

“Oh, Jesus. This guy’s like a tooth ache that just won’t go away,” former Bengals and Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason said on CBS Radio on Monday. “… He’s not going to play for me and my West Coast offense, which is what they run up there [in Green Bay]. … There is no way in the world that Colin Kaepernick could go in there tomorrow, learn that offense and go out on the field and play next week. I don’t know what people are thinking about. I don’t know why they don’t understand that the NFL and offenses in the NFL are extremely difficult to pick up.”

Kaepernick has been working out, pleading, and now trying to extort the NFL with a grievance in a bid for a team to sign him.

Esiason questions Kaepernick’s motivation level, wondering why he hasn’t actually put in a real effort to be resigned to a team.

“The other aspect of all of this with Colin Kaepernick is, how much does he want it?” Esiason said. “And how much more is he going to let somebody else talk for him? When is he going to open his own mouth and say, ‘Yeah, you know, I want to play and this is how much I want.’”

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