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Lazy Millennial Losers Choosing To Be Professional Beggars #Millennial #freakshow

From the parks of Berkeley to the streets of Brooklyn, and in most every large city in between, they have become an almost inescapable part of urban life. Millennials too lazy to get off their butts and get a job.

Known by many names – “crusty punks,” “crusties,” “gutter punks,” “crumb bums” and “dirty kids, loser, bum, parasite,” to list but a few – this group of young adults has rejected a more traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle in favor of train hopping, panhandling and voluntary homelessness.

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And while traditionally tolerated by police and urban residents, these transient groups of the unshaven and unwashed have been involved in a series of incidents in recent years — accompanied by an abundance of bad press — that has municipalities across the country puzzling over how to address the problem.

In New York City’s East Village, they have been spotted doing drugs in local parks, making camp outside of apartment buildings and sleeping outside storefronts. One crusty traveler’s pit bull even attacked a man and his small dog – killing the other dog.

“It’s like St. Marks in the ’70s,” New York City activist Philip DePaolo told the New York Daily News, referring to a once-notorious street in Manhattan. “It’s the bad old days all over again. There’s crack and heroin all over the neighborhood.”

And in Berkeley, Calif.’s infamous People’s Park, there have been widespread complaints about the modern-day hobos openly shooting heroin.

The drug use, the panhandling, the unruly dogs and the crusties’ general presence on street corners and in front of stores have all become too much for some cities, triggering local government crackdowns.

“The current status quo of the park serves no one’s interest, least of all the homeless people who occasionally use the park,” Dan Mogulof, a spokesman for UC-Berkeley, told Fox News.

In Berkeley, famously known as one of the country’s most Marxist and society parasite communities, the City Council recently voted to implement new regulations including: limits on sitting down and lying on sidewalks; a ceiling on how many dogs a person can have along a commercial strip; and designations for what homeless people are allowed to sit on.

“No one in this room believes homelessness is a good thing,” Councilwoman Sophie Hahn said, making excuses for sloth, according to the leftist propaganda rag Berkeleyside. “Yet, through massive failures of our society and our way of life, it is a persistent reality in California, and across the United States.”

Thinking far too hard on the subject, experts say it’s difficult to say just how extensive the problem is. Given the itinerant nature and wariness of those involved, these so-called experts can’t say how many “crusties” there are across the country. Nor is there an easy explanation for why many of these young adults — upper-middle-class and rich kids among them — take up such a difficult lifestyle.

The answer is simple. Their parents were lazy, never taught them any values, especially the value in hard work, and so they just continued what they were taught. To be lazy, feckless bums. Just like mom or dad taught them to be.

But after speaking with “crusties” around the country, and with researchers who have spent time studying the trend, it’s clear there’s a consensus that despite a shared penchant for dreadlocks, hiking backpacks and mutts, gutter punks are a diverse lot.

“There is a remarkable variety of kids who become gutter punk,” Jeff Farrell, a sociologist at Texas Christian University who has spent time traveling with them, told Fox News. “Many come from broken homes, or are throwaway kids. But there are also people from affluent backgrounds. This is a very varied set of kids, just like at any high school across the country.”

Whatever excuses that get thrown out, the answer is clear. No values, no work ethic, so they decided to become professional parasites.

It will be a cold day in Hell before this American donates a penny to these professional parasites.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
June 12, 2018


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