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Latino Secretary Arrested & Charged For Emailed Bomb Threat To Elementary School *VIDEO* #o4anews #crime

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November 10th, 2017

Police in Kansas say an elementary school secretary was arrested Wednesday in connection with an emailed bomb threat that forced a school district to cancel classes and afterschool activities over two days earlier this week.

Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo, 32, was being held in the Pratt County jail on felony charges of aggravated criminal threat and unlawful use of computers.

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In a statement, police said staff members at Pratt High School received the threat from a fake email account Monday.

In response, Unified School District 382 canceled classes at all schools Tuesday while law enforcement officials searched all Pratt school facilities. No device was found.

In a letter to the district’s parents, Suzan Patton wrote that “late-night developments” Tuesday led to Rodriguez-Ovideo’s arrest the following day. She did not elaborate on what those developments were.

Rodriguez-Oviedo was booked Wednesday morning for aggravated criminal threat (cause terror, evacuation or disruption) and computer unlawful acts (access without authorization with damage). She has been removed from the district’s website.

“Pratt High School received a bomb threat from an unidentified person(s) through a fictitious e-mail account,” Det. Jeff Ward said in a news release. “In response, school administrators contacted officers of the Pratt Police Department and began planning for the evacuation of school students and staff and the cancellation of school events.”

Law enforcement on Tuesday afternoon deemed the district’s buildings safe and the threat unfounded. Classes resumed in Wednesday.

Pratt Superintendent Suzan Patton released the following statement:


The Pratt Police Department informed us this morning that late-night developments led to an arrest in the case of the November 6th threat. At this time, we have no other information to share. This is an active investigation, and we are not at liberty to answer any questions.

I know your children will have questions and concerns. Please assure them that they are safe and secure. School employees are always vigilant in protecting them. In addition, let them know we trust our public officers to protect them and act in their best interests.

I want to thank Detective Jeff Ward and Officer James Sheldon for their assistance on this case. Their patience and expertise were invaluable.

I also want to thank our technology director and the principals. Their insight and assistance in this situation made my job easier. They are exemplary teammates and did a fantastic job throughout the process.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, but please remember we cannot comment on pending investigations. The police department will be in charge of any future press releases regarding the case.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding. Our top priority is safety, and we will never waiver from that focus. Our schools are wonderful places for kids to learn and grow. I’m happy to report we can continue to provide a topnotch education for them.

Suzan Patton

Pratt Police Det. Jeff Ward said officers acted on information “obtained through a cooperative investigation by school officials and local law enforcement officers.”

Rodriguez-Oviedo had been listed on the Pratt Public School’s website as a secretary at Southwest Elementary School.

Her image was removed following her arrest, KAKE reports.

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