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Knockout Game Strikes Again In Baltimore – Gang of Teenage Thugs Attacks New Jersey Family *VIDEO* #o4a #KnockOutGame

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October 31st, 2017

The “Knockout Game” has returned…

A trip to Baltimore’s tourist district, Inner Harbor turned into a nightmare of pain for a family of 10, when out of nowhere a gang of teenage thugs swarmed them and left the family severely beaten.

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Out of fear for repercussions, the family asked to not be identified, but wanted others to know their story.

They told their story to WJZ off-camera.

“They swarmed us,” said Stacey. “They hit my husband in the head. They knocked him out… and then it was just complete bedlam.”

On the same day as the annual Baltimore Marathon, there were big crowds on the harbor following the race. The family of 10 were strolling by the H&M store when the wandering thugs attacked.

“And they punched my nephew in the face and knocked him to the floor,” Stacey said. “My sister went to protect her son, and they were kicking her. I was knelling with my husband screaming ‘Somebody help us, why is nobody helping us?’”

Baltimore City police spokesman T.J. Smith says groups of teens have been a problem in the city.

“It’s always groups of them,” he said. “Someone in that group starts it, and that’s what we saw in this situation.”

In March, a group followed a man downtown, hurling insults, which quickly escalated into a physical assault, and a rapid scattering by the attackers. The same technique used last week when two bicyclists were robbed and beaten by a group.

“The disrespect from some of these juveniles is just absolutely unbelievable and stunning,” Smith said. “And it should be to society.”

“Maybe if there’d been police on foot, those people would never have been congregating there, looking for a fight, you know looking to hit somebody,” said another victim, Sal.

“Well we did have cops all over the place, but again they probably got there relatively quickly, but we can’t have cops on every corner in every single block of the city,” according to Smith.

While police are reviewing surveillance video of the attack, the victims can’t stop replaying it in their minds.

“After this, I can’t sleep at night, seeing what happened over and over again in my head,” Stacey said. “Seeing my family attacked.”

Two members of the family suffered concussions. Others came away with scrapes and bruises, and a vow never return to the Inner Harbor.

As yet, police have no suspects in the attack. Because the group appears to have been made up of juveniles, if they are found they cannot be identified.

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