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Report: Kim Jong-Un Accepts Invitation to Visit White House #Trump #NorthKorea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has accepted President Trump’s invitation to visit Washington, D.C., North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported; setting the stage for future peace talks surrounding his nuclear weapons program.

No doubt, Democrats will start screaming that Trump is somehow colluding with North Korea to tamper with the mid-term elections.

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According to the Hill, the communist leader accepted Trump’s invitation to travel to the United States; another landmark summit between the two leaders still technically at war since 1953.

“The report came on the heels of the two leaders met for the first time in Singapore Tuesday for an historic summit on eliminating North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump had said he intended to invite Mr. Kim to visit the White House,” writes the Washington Times.

Trump said during the trip that he “absolutely” planned on inviting Kim to the White House. The president also said that Kim had accepted the invitation “at the appropriate time, a little bit further down the road.”

“That will be a day that I very much look forward to at the appropriate time,” the president said.

“Kim Jong-un invited Trump to visit Pyongyang at a convenient time and Trump invited Kim Jong-un to visit the US,” KCNA reported.


During joint remarks with Kim, the president told reporters that the two leaders would continue to work on the issues dividing the nations.

“We will solve it,” Trump said. “We will be successful, and I look forward to working on it with you.”

Kim’s visit to Washington could be the second of “many” meetings between the two leaders, Trump said Tuesday.

The president praised the North Korean leader as “a very worthy, very smart negotiator” after their talk.

Since the summit, nominations for President Trump to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize have poured in from around the globe.


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June 13th, 2018


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