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Out of Control Kids at Georgia School Are In For an Old-School Surprise #Georgia #education #o4anews

A charter school in Georgia is bringing back an old-fashioned form of discipline, and many parents are up in arms about it.

The superintendent for Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics, a K through 9 charter school, tells WDRW they take discipline very seriously.

“There was a time where corporal punishment was kind of the norm in school and you didn’t have the problems that you have,” Superintendent Jody Boulineau told WDRW.

GSIC is going old school with a new policy for this year.

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“There was a time where corporal punishment was kind of the norm in school and you didn’t have the problems that you have,” the Superintendent said.

You heard that right. Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics, a K through 9 charter school, is bringing back paddling students as a form of discipline.

“It’s just one more tool that we have in our disciplinary toolbox that we can use,” Superintendent Boulineau said.

Parents got a “consent to paddle form” asking them if they’re ok with administrators hitting their child with a wooden paddle.

“There’s no obligation, it’s not required. A parent can either give consent for us to use that as a disciplinary measure or they can deny consent,” he said.

The form spells it out: a student will be taken into an office behind closed doors. The student will place their hands on their knees or piece of furniture and will be struck on the buttocks with a paddle.

The form says no more than three licks should be given. Superintendent Boulineau says the parent response has been across the board.

” I’ve heard ‘great, it’s about time, ‘we’re so glad that this is happening again, they should’ve never taken it out of schools’. All the way to ‘oh my goodness I can’t believe you are doing that’.”

A controversial policy that hasn’t been around for years. If parents opt out of paddling, they have to agree to up to 5 days of suspension.

“I honestly feel like it’s something that’s not going to be used very often. Sometimes it’s just kind of the threat of it being there becomes a deterrent in itself.”

This is actually still legal in Georgia and 19 other states but it’s rare for a school to have a policy for it.

GSIC is the only school in our area that will start paddling students who are misbehaving this year.

Even if parents agree to it, they are contacted and the school says they will use a three strike policy so the paddling doesn’t happen on the first or second offense.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the nation, things are not going so well in Oregon schools.

Teachers in Portland Public Schools are being given an indoctrination guide called “Planning to Change The World – A Plan Book For Social Justice Teachers.”

At $18.00 a piece, with 3500 teachers, they stand to make a cool $63,000 for this indoctrination propaganda.

This Cultural Marxist brainwashing book, published by Rethinking Schools, includes all of the madness that you would expect from left wing nuts, and far, far more.

They praise homosexual murdering Communist Che Guevara, feature the Communist & racist, black nationalist Black Panther founders, promote Islam, and encourage students to embrace Communism.

There’s even an entire section to help teachers indoctrinate students to stop using “offensive and oppressive” terms such as “boy and girl”, so they will embrace all 73 imaginary and non-existent genders the left have created.

These are designed to indoctrinate kids from Kindergarten on up.

The planners feature anniversaries and special dates that can serve as instructional guides for the classroom. Here are some selections from the planner:

They start off by paying homage to PETA founder Alexander Fernando Pacheco, and teachers are encouraged to ask students how they feel about using animals in science experiments.

Then they launch right into promoting islam, by specifically mentioning the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Then they take a quote from activist Pervez Musharraf: “Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, and not violence,” while also asking students to ponder what eco-feminism is.

To end August, they feature Black Panther founder Fred Hampton’s birthday and a quote from him.

As September starts, they celebrate the anniversary of the founding of North Korea.

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who follows extreme leftist organizations, for September 11th, they make no mention of terrorist attacks. But they do list the islamic holiday of Muharram starting on September 11th.

They celebrate the founding of Iran as an Islamic republic, make special mention of the Association Of Raza Educators conference in L.A, for April, they encourage students to “demand gun control,” and of course they celebrate Roe v. Wade.

To celebrate July 4th, they quote a Sioux author “The White man must no longer project his fears and insecurities onto other groups, races and countries. Before the White man can relate to others he must forgo the pleasure of defining them.”

So this is what your education tax dollars are going toward.

You can reach Portland Public Schools superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero at (503) 916-3200.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
September 11th, 2018


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