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WATCH – She Can’t Get a Job, So Naturally Kathy Griffin Blames Trump *VIDEO* #Trump #MAGA

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November 21st, 2017

Mentally disturbed and so called comedian Kathy Griffin posted a very strange video on social media, attacking President Trump, claiming he had her put on a mythical “Hollywood Blacklist”.

Please, Kathy… We could only HOPE the Committee For Unamerican Activities would reconvene. Every single elected Democrat and RINO would end up in prison. So no Kathy, there is no “blacklisting”…

But I digress…


In highlights of her rant, “I’m getting a lot of online hate from trolls who think I’ve lost my mind. And I am admitting I lost my mind because it’s what made me a star in the first place,” she said in her YouTube video, called “Kathy Griffin’s State of the Union.”

“I’m fully in the middle of a blacklist, a Hollywood blacklist. It is real. I’m not booked on any talk shows. I’m selling tickets worldwide which is really hard when you don’t have any kind of a television platform and kind of nobody has your back,” she added.

“I just want you guys to know that when I get home I don’t have one single day of paid work in front of me…my legal bills are through the roof,” said Griffin.

Adding onto questionable mental health, the Griffin’s physical health has come into question as of late, after she collapsed during a stand-up performance in Europe.

Watch the disturbing video below.

Let us not of course, forget about the disgusting video Griffin did of beheading President Trump. Then to make matters worse, she issues a weak apology, then later retracts the obviously scripted and insincere effort.

Her brand of “comedy” was on the fringe at the peak of her career. As she careens off into the world of hard-core leftism, it’s hard to imagine her reviving any of her former glory.

As for who is to blame? Look in the mirror Ms Griffin… Look in the mirror.

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