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Kansas Politician Goes Berserk, Faces Felony Charges For Vicious Biting Attack & MORE #crime #Kansas

Carol Fowler did not go quietly when deputies showed up at her door last week to arrest her on an outstanding warrant, authorities say.

From accounts given to local media by the Atchison County Sheriff’s office, the arrest devolved into a fight involving kicking and scratching, and at one point a deputy tased Fowler to get her under control.

Huron City Councilwoman Carol Fowler, 48, was taken into custody June 29 after failing to appear for a warrant, KSHB reported. Police allegedly had to use stun guns because she was fighting back, kicking and scratching, the Kansas City Star added.

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On July 2, while in custody, Fowler refused to follow booking process instructions and when Atchison County Jail staff tried to remove her jewelry and personal items, she bit down on one of the officer’s thumb, breaking the bone, Sheriff Jack Laurie told the Atchison Globe.

Requests for comment from Fowler and a person listed as her attorney were not immediately answered.

According to the county’s website, Fowler was still listed as a council member at the time of this report.

She scored a seat on the council after winning two votes in a November 2017 election, according to the Atchison Globe. Huron has an estimated population of 73, according to the U.S. Census.

“They had five officers in there and it was a struggle for all of them to get her to comply,” Laurie told MSC. “She was able to (get) a hold of one of the correction officer’s thumbs with her teeth and actually broke the bone in his thumb.”

The deputy was treated at the hospital, Laurie told the website, but will need ongoing treatment.

Fowler faces a slew of charges stemming from what’s transpired over the last few days.

She was supposed to be in court on Monday to face three felony charges, including battery on a law enforcement officer, stemming from her alleged assault at her home against the two deputies, but that appearance was rescheduled because of her emotional and physical condition, county attorney Jerry Kuckelman told the Globe.


In other crime news, a 17-year-old snowflake from Albion was charged with attempted murder Monday in connection with a violent attack on his grandmother.

Anger over an earlier dispute with his grandmother or the snowflake’s desire to steal money may have motivated Brandon Foster’s actions, Orleans County Undersheriff Christopher Bourke said.

“There are some mental-health issues that play into it as well,” he said.

Foster allegedly forced open a rear window of Rachael Spearance’s home on Oak Orchard Road in the town of Albion late Sunday night. Spearance was asleep in her bed at the time, the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

Foster is accused of being too cowardly to attack her while she was awake, stabbing her with a knife as she slept, and then placed her in a chokehold.

The brutally stabbed grandmother broke away from her snowflake grandson’s grip and confronted him. He then grabbed $23 in cash and a mobile phone and fled through a window, the sheriff’s office said.

Spearance was “bleeding profusely” from the attack but managed to drive herself to Medina Hospital. She was later transported to Erie County Medical Center, where deputies said she was in serious but stable condition, reports WIVB.

Officers from five police agencies mounted an intensive search, centered in the village of Albion. Foster was located by K-9 tracking dogs about 6 a.m. hiding in bushes behind a Burger King.

He was arrested without incident and arraigned later on Monday on single counts of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and first-degree assault, all felonies, and criminal obstruction of breathing and petit larceny, both misdemeanors.


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July 11th, 2018


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