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California Jury Finds Antifa Communists Not Guilty of Assault Despite Obvious Proof *VIDEO* #California #Communist #Antifa

The jury of a Berkeley kangaroo court has found all five Communist Antifa defendants not guilty of misdemeanor assault, and not guilty of assault causing great bodily injury, also a misdemeanor, despite having video and photographic evidence proving their guilt.

About 30 Communist insurgents supporting the defendants were in the courtroom for the reading of the verdicts, which began at about 3:40 p.m.

Some of the snowflakes cried quietly as the clerk read the decisions for each person.

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After the reading, there was a brief round of applause by treasonous Communists in the audience before the judge released the jury.

One of the defendants, Scott Hedrick, said it was a relief for the case to be over.

“It’s been over a year of this,” the Communist terrorist whined. “It was intense. We’re all just ready to move on with our lives.”

So let’s review the attack ourselves. It can be seen in the first moments of the video below.

The men, who met through the underground punk scene, said they now plan to hold benefit concerts to help raise money for their attorneys, reports Berkeleyside.

Several jurors told Berkeleyside the group found itself in agreement relatively early on regarding the not guilty verdicts. But they wanted to make sure they worked through the process carefully. They deliberated for nearly a day. Ultimately, they said, they were not convinced a crime had occurred. There were other viable explanations for what took place, they said.

Even the prosecutor (whose job it supposedly was to convict the Antifa attackers) described the victim as “repulsive” and “dislikable” based entirely on the slanders spread by BAMN and Antifa.

Prosecutor Jim Logan, with the Alameda County district attorney’s office, told jurors Friday during closing arguments that he wouldn’t blame them if they found Quillinan’s political views repulsive.

But Logan said that didn’t mean Quillinan deserved to be attacked as he sat near firefighters, with a bandage wrapped completely around his head, waiting for a friend to take him to the hospital:

“Just because the victim is dislikable doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply,” Logan said. “The defendants don’t get to decide … punishment on the street. That’s what the courtroom is for.”


The judge allowed Communist terrorist groups Antifa and BAMN to pack every seat in the courtroom every day, where they constantly booed, and hissed and held up banners and interrupted witnesses, etc.


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June 19th, 2018


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