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WATCH – Joy Baher Calls For Iran-Inspired Riots & Civil Unrest In USA Against Trump *VIDEO* #Trump #Iran #news #RT

Leftist tv host Joy Baher called for an uprising because she doesn’t like how Trump is following the Constitution and undoing Obama’s “legacy”; saying the US is on a “slippery slope” towards “throwing democracy out the window” but couldn’t name any specific policies are laws that violate the constitution.


‘The View’ host was discussing the daily street protests that swept across Iran over the weekend, and as you expected, turned her sights on President Trump and his tweets regarding the demonstrations.

“They told Donald Trump to stay out of it and not to tweet, of course he did. Telling him not too tweet is like telling a five-year-old not to eat the candy,” said Behar. “Just stay where you are in Mar-a-Lago, keep playing golf.”

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“If –somehow- they are able to get themselves free from the chains that bind them, from this autocratic regime, it would be a huge game-changer the world over,” said guest Ana Navarro.

“I think that’s true in this country also, if we can get away from [Trump,]” added Joy. “We’re on a very slippery slope in this country towards throwing democracy out the window every single day… It’s a relative thing. We have other reasons to protest in the streets in this country.”

Watch’s Behar’s anti-Trump tirade below.

Really, none of this should be a surprise. Joy Baher has been unhinged for a long time, but Donald Trump sent her insanity into overdrive.

For example, when she offered a clearly staged, scripted, and unapologetic “apology” for spewing utterly fake news…

Read more about that here.

Or how about the time Baher said she was “too important to criticize? Read more about that here.

Joy Baher is a blowhard who is well past her prime, and doing anything she can in a vain attempt at relevancy.

Then again, isn’t that the story for everyone on The View?


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January 3rd, 2017

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