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John Lewis Wishes “Madame President Hillary Clinton” a Happy Birthday #o4a #Trump #Hillary

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October 27th, 2017

Leave it up to race-baiting Georgia House Representative John Lewis to wish Russia-colluding Hillary Clinton happy birthday, saying, “Happy birthday, Madame President Hillary Clinton” on Twitter, even though Clinton is not actually president of the United States.

Everyone who hasn’t been living in a cave knows that President Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in the election, and is now President, but don’t let reality interfere with a Democrat speaking.

Lewis boycotted Trump’s inauguration, joined by dozens of Democrat members of Congressreports Free Beacon.

Trump responded to Lewis’ decision not to attend the event, writing on Twitter that he should focus on “the burning and crime infested inner-cities” rather than boycott his inauguration.

Lewis’ happy birthday wish to Clinton followed a widely circulated tweet from 2016 of Clinton’s Twitter account wishing a “Happy birthday to this future president,” accompanied by a picture of a young Hillary Clinton.

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