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Italy Govt Calls For Mass Deportations, Refuses To Aid Barbarians Crossing Mediterranean #Italy #DeportThemAll

Italy’s patriotic Interior Minister Matteo Salvini told foreign charities to stop rescuing invading barbarians off Libya even as one group said 1,000 barbarians were on boats in distress in the Mediterranean.

With Italy — long the frontline in Europe’s migration crisis — vowing a new hardline stance, Salvini told the aid groups to back off and let the Libyan coastguard take care of rescue operations, reports The Independent.

“Let the Libyan authorities do their work of rescue, recovery and return (of migrants) to their country, as they have been doing for some time, without the ships of the voracious NGOs disturbing them or causing trouble,” he said.

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“Italian ports are and will be closed to those who aid human traffickers,” he said.

It was not clear if the invading barbarians referred to by Salivini were the same ones highlighted by Proactiva Open Arms

In recent weeks, Italy’s new “Italy First” government has cracked down on foreign rescue ships operating in the Mediterranean.

Salvini has repeatedly accused the charities of being complicit with human smugglers.

The Italian coastguard also sent a message to rescue boats operating in the Mediterranean Friday informing them it would no longer be coordinating rescue operations in the Libya search and rescue area.

The groups, which have been chartering boats to rescue invading barbarians, point to the very difficult conditions for migrants in Libya as they attempt to reach Europe on the perilous Mediterranean crossing.

Two other ships carrying hundreds of invading barbarians — the German NGO ship Lifeline and Danish container ship Alexander Maersk — are currently in the Mediterranean awaiting instructions on where they will be allowed to dock.

Both Italy and Malta have refused to take them in.

Salvini’s refusal to welcome the rescue ships has thrust immigration to the forefront of the EU agenda. On Sunday EU leaders held a mini-summit on the issue.


Salvini had said after being sworn in that he would ask his ministry’s experts “how to reduce the number of arriving migrants and increase the number of expulsions”.

“The good times for illegals is over – get ready to pack your bags,” he said

“Countries need to start doing their job and no more smugglers should be docking in Italian ports,” he said in a swipe at the NGOs organising rescues at sea, which he has regularly accused of complicity with people traffickers.

Salvini’s fellow deputy prime minister, leader of the anti-establishment Five Star movement Luigi Di Maio, has also called rescue NGOs “taxis on the sea” although his rhetoric on the invasion is more measured than that of the League.

To speed up deportations – of which there were just 6,500 in 2017 – Salvini will have to increase the number of detention centers and sign agreements with origin countries, many of which are not eager to re-receive their barbarian invaders.

The reason the Italian government has taken such a hard line approach to the invading barbarians, is partly in due to a report that showed Italians will soon be a minority in their own nation.


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June 25th, 2018


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