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Islamic State Threatens Death & Mayhem At Soccer World Cup Finals #Islam #ISIS #WorldCup #soccer #Russia

Islamic State has called for its supporters to attack the World Cup, which begins on June 14 in Moscow.

A French splinter group of Islamic State (IS) released one poster showing a knife cutting the World Cup symbol, a trophy, in a front of a red-tinted picture of a stadium.

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Islamic State groups previously released similar posters threatening the event, many specifically addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports the Daily Mail. In April, ISIS released a poster stating: “Putin, you disbeliever, you will pay the price for killing Muslims,” in front of a picture of a man holding a machine gun with a packed stadium in the background.

In March, Islamic State (IS) supporters targeted Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi, releasing a poster showing him on his knees in Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow with a masked man holding his head, with the message: “So strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.,”

As seen in the Qu’ran in Surah 8:12-13 – 12: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip. 13: That is because they opposed Allah and His Messenger. And whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger – indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.”


The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played across 11 cities in Russia from June 14 to July 15, when the final will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

St Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, was the scene of an horrific Islamic State (IS) attack when a briefcase bomb detonated on the underground in April, killing 14 people.

The blast was in retaliation to Russia’s airstrikes in Syria that have helped bring the Islamic State to its knees.

Thousands of Russians from mainly central Asia have travelled to the Middle East to fight for IS.

Experts in Moscow believe around 2,400 joined the regime in 2015 alone.


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May 4th, 2018


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