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Is Hillary’s Health Imploding? Apparent Back Brace Draws Questions #Hillary #Benghazi #Clinton

Karma is a bitch. A cold-hearted, ruthless bitch.

You can run, but you cannot hide, and Hillary Clinton’s health after a lifelong career of trying to destroy the United States, Karma has tracked Hillary down and stabbed her right in the back.


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During the campaign there were multiple instances where the public seriously questions her health. Between several seizures, nearly face-planting in NYC on a pleasant day, hints of wearing diapers and colostomy bags because she can no longer hold her mud, Hillary Clinton’s health appears so bad, it’s unlikely she would have made it through a term of office as President.

Then we’d have been stuck with Tim “I look like a serial child molester” Kaine as President. Horrible thought, isn’t it?

Hillary Clinton has been spotted on multiple occasions lately wearing long jackets paired with colorful scarves that cover her neck and drape down over her back, reports the Daily Mail.

But Clinton’s style choice, which she has even worn out in 80 degree temperatures, has prompted speculation that she has something to hide… a back brace.

Eagle-eyed social media users noticed a strange protrusion coming from Clinton’s back when she was photographed visiting her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York last week.

The supposed back brace was clearly visible under her blue jacket as she left her daughter’s building and headed back to her waiting car.

She wore a patterned blue scarf high around her neck despite the summer-type temperatures in Manhattan.

Those on social media were also quick to point out her upright posture and bundled up clothing.

‘(Hillary) looks to be wearing some sort of back brace – weird protrusion and scarf (80 degrees in NYC) up to her chin,’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘Is Hillary wearing a back brace now? Something was not natural about her posture and bundled up clothing. Weird!’ another person tweeted.

Hillary also opted for a long jacket and scarf when she took to a stage in New Zealand on Monday where she is currently engaged in a speaking tour.

She was photographed sitting overly upright in her chair while she was being interviewed in front of the crowd.



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May 8th, 2018


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