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Invading Barbarians Marrying Child Brides To Get Asylum in Europe #EU #childmarriage

Swedes are furious at laws which see barbarians claim the right to live in Europe after marrying a child before entering Europe.

Sweden is known for its commitment to child welfare but the ruling Social Democrat-Green Party coalition government has been blasted as “sick” for failing to protect its child immigrant population, which has seen children live as a married couple with an older barbarian man.

In 1973 Sweden banned marriages in which one or both parties is underage and in 2014 the previous government tightened the law following growing awareness of forced marriages among barbarian communities.

But marriages between underage parties are not annulled if carried out abroad and as a result, Sweden’s coalition government has come under pressure to close that legal loophole and invalidate all marriages that involve minors.

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Adult barbarian men are marrying child brides in order to receive EU passports, and Swedish law is failing to protect the children involved.

Invading barbarians can claim the right to seek asylum in Europe if they are married, and so are marrying child brides to assure their EU passport.

While underage marriages are banned in Sweden, underage marriages that were held outside of Sweden are not banned, meaning invading barbarians can get married to child brides in their home country to guarantee their “right” to live in Sweden.

Swedish political parties have expressed their dismay at this legal loophole allowing barbaric child marriages, with right-wing Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson saying “I don’t know what there is to think about. It is, frankly, totally sick that one can’t just simply say no to something as bizarre as grown men having the right to marry children.”

This outrage comes only a few months after the Swedish state healthcare board released a pamphlet that advised invading barbarians living with a child spouse, seemingly to condone it.

Zubeyde Demirörs, a social worker in Sweden, said: “People see young girls as their sons’ tickets to Europe.”

Most of these cases came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and sought asylum at the height of the refugee crisis that brought 163,000 asylum seekers to Sweden in 2015.

But authorities claim the real number is higher as most cases go unreported.

Liberal Party leader Juno Blom said: “Sweden has been bad at providing people who come here with clear information about how our system works, about this society’s views on children’s rights, gender equality, family policies, and parents’ and guardians’ responsibilities.

“While we insist that Sweden protects children’s rights and that we promote a child-centered approach to children’s welfare, we have allowed children of foreign backgrounds to live as married women with older men.”

The far-right Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson hit out at the government.

He said: “I don’t know what there is to think about. It is, frankly, totally sick that one can’t just simply say no to something as bizarre as grown men having the right to marry children.”

Only, it declined to vote on a proposal which would have seen Sweden become a country that does not recognize underage marriages carried out abroad.


Hopefully the Swedes won’t find this report surprising. After all, when you allow your nation to be invaded by 7th century barbarians who are instructed to rape, murder and enslave infidels, would you expect any differently?

In an invasion reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings, where the Orcs were rampaging across Middle-Earth, the planned invasion of Europe is going according to instructions in the Quran.

As a result of allowing their nation to be invaded, the number of Swedes who were victims of crimes such as fraud and sexual offenses jumped to the highest level on record last year.

A survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention showed that 15.6 percent of people suffered one or more offenses against the person (defined in the survey as assault, threats, sexual offenses, robbery, fraud or harassment) last year. That’s up from 13.3 percent in 2015 and the highest number recorded since the annual Swedish Crime Survey started in 2006.

The number of offenses against individuals “was at a relatively stable level 2005 to 2014, at 11.3 percent to 13.1 percent, but the last two years show an increase,” the council said in the report published this week. The crimes “that have had the clearest development in the past few years are harassment, fraud and sexual offenses,” the agency said.

Of the six types of offenses against the person, five of six rose to their highest level on record last year. The number of assault cases reached its second-highest level.

“Young women aged between 16 and 24 is the group that’s most subject to sexual offenses, with 14 percent of young women stating that they were victims of at least one such crime during 2016,” the council said.

Young women are also subject to harassment to a greater extent, the council said. They survey contains no answers as to why a certain type of crime increases, and analysis is needed to improve understanding of the reasons for the increase, it said.

Fewer than half of the crimes in the survey were reported to the police. Sexual offenses, harassment and threats were the least reported while people most often notified the police of burglaries, the survey showed.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
July 25th, 2018


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