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Instead of Hiding America’s History By Removing Statues & Renaming Streets, How About This? #o4a #confederate #BlackLivesMatter

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
October 25th, 2017

So, I’m watching the boob-tube talking head news to see what propaganda they’re feeding the public.

It’s a story about “racist street names”, change them, I have butt hurt, erase history, blah blah, blah, the usual rigmarole.

Just more of the Cultural Marxist agenda to erase history, so it can be rewritten in a way palatable to the left.

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As my mind tends to do, I went straight to being contrary to that nonsense, and had an idea.

Instead of erasing “racist” names and such, we instead put it where it can’t be missed. Seriously, just throw it out there for the world to see, no shame, no worrying about hurt feelings, just get it out there, and eventually, get over it.

So how could we do this? We start with streets, then we can move on to public schools, parks, libraries, the works.

Start by renaming streets in cities after race-based groups, and just put it out there for everyone to see.

Black Lives Matter Boulevard, Ku Klux Klan Lane, Neo-Nazi Road, Black Panthers Street, Communist Circle, and so on..

Why not?

After all, if being absurd is now the rule of society, let’s just turn up to FULL ABSURD and just put our species’ stupidity out for everyone to see.

Is this a good idea? Not at all!

It’s a terrible idea, but it’s no worse than tearing down statues, rename schools, streets and more, all because of hurt feelings, is it? 😂

What it boils down to is that all this street and statue butt hurt is absurd, just as naming streets after race supremacist groups is absurd.

Time for calm to be returned to America, and the butt hurt groups need a wake up call. The facts do not support your arguments, and we’re tired of all the cry-wolf tomfoolery.

Get over yourselves, because we’re tired of hearing your whining. Time to grow up, look in the mirror and clean your own house, pull the plank out of your eyes. Nobody is turning your neighborhoods into war zones but yourselves. Don’t like it, do something about it. Want respect? Recognize the problems in your own house, and let nothing stop you from fixing them.

Constantly blaming people for things they never did, with tales of woe that have no facts to back them up, will eventually turn people off, and they won’t hear a thing you say.

That time is now.

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