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U.N. Inspector Writes Scathing Report On Condition of Post-Obama America #Trump #Obama #America

The United Nations, funded largely by the American tax dollar, has declared jihad against the United States. Given that the majority of the nations in the global organization are Muslim, saying it’s a jihad is not a stretch of the word, nor imagination.

Having shown their hand once and for all when President Trump announced the U.S. embassy would be moved to Jerusalem, and the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, the Islamic controlled United Nations offered quick condemnation.

Below is an excerpt of a United Nations report, demonizing the living conditions in America, while utterly ignoring the living conditions in the majority of the rest of the world.

What’s ironic I suppose, is his findings are the net result of 8 years of Obama’s regime. So thanks, I suppose should go out to the United Nations for pointing out Mr Obama’s failures once again. Bravo, I guess.

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Enjoy the report, and oh, thanks Obama… Thanks for nothing.

See below.

In America, the richest nation in the world when measured by raw GDP, children are getting sick from living by open pools of raw sewage. This was one of many shocking findings by the United Nations late last year, following a two-week investigation into extreme poverty in the US following the feckless Obama regime’s control of the country.

The UN report was issued last December by a team of investigators who visited California, Alabama, Georgia, Puerto Rico, West Virginia and Washington DC.

“The United States is one of the world’s richest, most powerful and technologically innovative countries; but neither its wealth, nor its power, nor its technology is being harnessed to address the situation in which 40 million people continue to live in poverty,”wrote Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights.

He continued, “I met with many people barely surviving on Skid Row in Los Angeles, I witnessed a San Francisco police officer telling a group of homeless people to move on but having no answer when asked where they could move to, I heard how thousands of poor people get minor infraction notices which seem to be intentionally designed to quickly explode into unpayable debt, incarceration, and the replenishment of municipal coffers. I saw sewage-filled yards in states where governments don’t consider sanitation facilities to be their responsibility, I saw people who had lost all of their teeth because adult dental care is not covered by the vast majority of programs available to the very poor, I heard about soaring death rates and family and community destruction wrought by opioids, and I met with people in Puerto Rico living next to a mountain of completely unprotected coal ash which rains down upon them, bringing illness, disability and death.”

The sewage-filled yards were found in poor areas like Lowndes County, Alabama, where many people cannot afford to install septic tanks, causing sewage to pool by their homes. This untreated waste creates the potential for all kinds of diseases. In Lowndes, it has led to the proliferation of hookworm, a parasitic disease of the intestines commonly found in the world’s poorest developing countries.

The discovery of third world levels of poverty and disease in the richest and most powerful country in the world, shocking as it may be, is only part of the story. The UN findings are in keeping with the downward spiral of America.

America’s Decline

Spending time in Western Europe, as I have done the last several months, provides some serious perspective on America’s decline. In most European countries, like Germany for example, public transportation works efficiently and there is a social safety net.

While homelessness is a problem, it’s nowhere near as rampant as in the post-Obama US and usually seems to be associated with addiction, thanks to heroin imported by Mexican cartels across America’s wide-open borders.

Meanwhile, New York’s Subway system is decaying due to disinvestment and corruption.

Last summer a train stalled, leaving passengers in the dark with no air conditioning for an hour. “As the heat of packed-together bodies fogged the windows, passengers beat on the walls and clawed at the doors in a scene from a real-life horror story,”reported the New York Times.

In Washington DC, the nation’s capital, the Metro is always late and totally unreliable, with train fires becoming a regular occurrence while Amtrak trains experience routine derailments.

These are just some examples of post-Obama infrastructure decay.

The list goes on: bridges are crumbling, schools are shuttered. In Baltimore dozens of schools had no heat during record freezing temperatures this winter. The only thing America’s leadership seems capable of investing in is prisons and war.

And then there is the issue of water. There are over 3,000 counties across America whose water supplies have lead levels higher than in Flint, Michigan, and nothing substantial is being done to address the problem.

There are counties a few miles apart from one another where the life expectancy drops by 20 years.

Researchers say the life expectancy gap, as high as 20.1 years between rich and poor counties, resembles the gap seen between low-income countries versus rich countries. In other words, there are pockets of the US that have the characteristics of third world countries.

While all of the above may be true, they can rest easy. President Trump’s infrastructure rebuilding package addresses them all.

So, to the United Nations, we appreciate you spending our tax dollars telling us what we already knew about how Obama was trying to destroy America. Kick rocks, Captain Obvious and worry about the sh*thole nations in the world.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
February 14th, 2018


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