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Inmate Charged With “Ethnic Intimidation” After Masturbating On Cellmate’s Quran #prison #Islam

Inmate Charged With “Ethnic Intimidation” After Masturbating On Cellmate’s Quran

If you ever find yourself in jail with a Muslim cellmate, what a North Carolina man did is sure to raise a ruckus and get you a new cellie.

A prisoner has been arrested and charged after he was accused of performing a sex act on a copy of the Quran.

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Jonathan Compton was already locked up in Gaston County jail, North Carolina, when he allegedly defaced the holy book.

The copy reportedly belonged to his Muslim cellmate, whom he also alleged subjected to a racial slur.

Compton, 35, was charged with ethnic intimidation following the alleged incident, the Gaston Gazette reports.

His cellmate, Abdur Abdulkhafid, accused Compton of performing a sex act on his Quran in their cell at around 2am.

It is also alleged racial slurs, often used to denigrate black people, were uttered by Compton.

Neither of the men reportedly sustained any injuries during the incident.

Compton has been at the jail since November 4 after he failed to attend court to answer a felony charge, while Abdulkhafid was being held on charges of violating a domestic violence protection order and simple assault.

The Charlotte Observer reported it is the seventh time Compton has been arrested locally in the past two years with charges ranging from larceny to breaking and entering, according to Gaston County Jail records.

Ibrahim Hooper, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he hoped the case would be treated no differently to any hate crime committed outside of jail.

He told the Charlotte Observer: “It’s the same kind of act, and should be treated the same for someone whose is an inmate as it would be for someone who was attending a mosque during daily life.

“We hope the police are taking it seriously and it will be moved through the legal system and the alleged perpetrator is punished.”

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December 3rd, 2017

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