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Independent Journalist Tells of Spooky Investigation Into Social Media #SocialMedia #investigation

With everything going on with big social media, nothing seems to be a surprise anymore. It all just seems to get worse.

With what started out years ago as conservative users complaining about bias, has built into a crescendo of calls for action against social media censorship.

From high powered pundits like Sean Hannity, to independent, but honest news blogs who are simply trying to tell the real news that the fake news won’t tell anyone, to the halls of Congress, all the way to the White House, from President Trump himself.

Social media has a big, big target painted on them right now, and they did it all to themselves.

Needless to say, things are getting serious. Even the United Nations has said that Facebook may be charged as an accessory to war crimes. It’s that serious.

Recently, an independent journalist sent us an account of an investigation he was performing into the inner world of Facebook.

The resulting mayhem unfortunately sounds exactly like what a company might do, if guilty of all the things Facebook is accused of.

His account:

My name is Mike Carson and I am an independent journalist.

Beginning in March, 2018 I have been working on a story related to the inner workings of Facebook.

Much of this endeavor centered around the discussions with two Facebook employees. All of the communication was conducted through my facebook personal messaging system on my Facebook account.

Both sources worked for Facebook for more than 3 years. Both sources requested anonymity for fear that they would lose their jobs. Source number one described them self as a middle level IT manager. Source 2 described them self as an IT engineer. Both sources gave stories which were similar. Both sources were developed independently of each other. Interviews with these sources consisted of conversations which were anywhere between a few words to hours of messaging back and fourth.

During the course of my discussions, I was told about Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to structure Facebook data to help him run for president of the US.I was told about how Zuckerberg hired many of Hillary Clinton’s senior campaign staffers after she lost.

In addition, many employee positions were filled by Democrat Party operatives. My sources also suggested that Zuckerberg helped defeat Clinton by helping Trump with much more data than he purchased so Zuckerberg could run against Trump in 4 years.

My sources said that Zuckerberg has promoted the Russian collusion story by targeting previously identified adults in the United States in an effort to make Trump less electable in 2020.

I was told that Facebook can target messages to people by geographical location, gender, race, marital status, education, political ideology, and many others. They identify people by religion and political ideology by recording the memes, stories, pages and etc that an individual likes, even if someone is spreading links and memes in their private message box.

At the same time, Facebook has had a quiet but cooperative relationship with activist and hired trolls who report Facebook posts written by conservatives. Hired trolls include those who are funded by liberal PACs, Labor Unions, Environmental orgs, political parties and etc. The more reports on a post, the more likely that post is to be removed for violating Facebook terms and conditions.

Both of my sources detailed how Facebook became a madhouse after the Russian troll indictments were passed down by Independent Prosecutor Robert Mueller and again after the Cambridge Analytica stories broke; about how the company had to work hard internally to alleviate employee fear of the company going belly-up and losing their jobs.

There were a lot of internal conflicts over jammed administrative services for workers, office space and space assignment issues, problems with parking and etc. because the company had to hire on a lot of people.

Many at Facebook believe that the Cambridge Analytica story was arranged by Hillary Clinton’s friends who had been hired by Facebook to stop Zuckerberg from pursuing his political aspirations; and many think it worked. No one thinks that Zuckerberg has a chance at being elected.

After Cambridge Analytica broke, the company examined the operations of outside vendors and educational studies which gave outsiders access to Facebook user data.

During that examination, Facebook learned that a program was running in the system which identified user accounts with children in the pictures posted by the user. That data was being exported to to an IP address at a VPN (virtual private network which hides IP addresses).

Some of that data was found being sold on the dark web at a location and manner where child porn users and producers often buy and sell child porn. My sources were both adamant that Facebook employees with knowledge of this situation were told to absolutely not discuss this situation. In addition, authorities were not alerted to this situation to keep it out of the public record. Neither of my sources knew if that operation was being conducted by an outside vendor or by an employee.

Both of my sources also told me that in an effort to increase the total number of Facebook accounts, the company started turning on old accounts which had been previously disabled because they were fake or duplicate to reduce the impact of negative earnings forecasts.

In early July I messaged Zuckerberg, Sandberg and a couple other execs at Facebook and asked about what I had been told. Two days later I woke up to find my Facebook account was suspended with no explanation as to why.

The following day my tablet crashed. This was the device which I accessed facebook on and it had a dedicated phone number which was one of two phone numbers on my Facebook account.

A couple of days later my flip phone completely crashed. Both devices were only a few months old. Both behaved the same; it was as if there was no battery. I plugged them in and was told the device was charging, but they never charged. I tried new batteries and new chargers but both devices continued to behave the same. I ended up changing service providers and bought a new phone and a new computer.

The result was a complete loss of contact with all associates, family and etc. Efforts to post were accompanied with a message that said I was suspended from posting for 30 days. But everything was there including the conversations with my sources.

Thanks to an associate, I was able to communicate through them on Facebook about my investigation on several different pages.

About a week later Facebook stock values plunged. A week after that my regular Facebook account completely disappeared as well as the accounts of my sources. I ended up losing everything that I posted on Facebook for many years to include pictures, videos and the interviews with my sources.

To date, I have yet to recover my Facebook account. My old electronic devices remain strangely inoperable.

Whatever happened, I don’t know. I do know that this sounds like some tinfoil hat conspiracy, and perhaps without any evidence thanks to a series of unfortunate events, that certainly appear like a conspiracy to silence me, it is nothing more than that.

In the end, it boils down to my word vs theirs. They have a proven track record of censorship and silencing people. Does it seem impossible or implausible that they could have high-grade hackers capable of such things? We may never know, but it’s not outside the range of possibility.


It’s not as if there’s no evidence to prove there’s censorship happening. Just watch the videos below from Project Veritas, and see them saying they censor for yourself.

While the scope of Project Veritas insider video on this occasion is Twitter, it is reported that the social media companies have agreed to collude to silence voices they are opposed to.

In other words, the others simply haven’t been caught outright saying it. Yet.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 30th, 2018


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