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Gun Control Lunatics Go Into Overdrive – Illinois Town Outlaws Semiautomatic Firearms #2A #guns #Illinois

In another case of Democrats behaving like Nazis, gun owners in north suburban Deerfield now have just over two months to remove certain virtually all types of firearms from their home, or face stiff fines.

America-hating, Constitution loathing, freedom vilifying village trustees voted unanimously in favor of a completely unconstitutional ban on semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns with certain features. The new ordinance also bans magazines containing more than 10 rounds of ammunition, CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.

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Both sides of the gun debate voiced their opinion at the board meeting, but in the end, the tyrants ruled the day, their votes confirming that they hate America and should be banished from the lands forthwith.

“It is very heartening to know the village is standing at the forefront of something that is an imperative in front of our nation,” said resident Andrew Toban.

“There were a lot of emotional arguments and not a lot based on fact,” said Daniel Easterday. “Deerfield is a very crime free community, and I don’t see how this is going to make it any more crime free.”

Naturally, wanting to keep only the government armed in case of the need for future genocide once the Communist Revolution is complete, only law enforcement and retired law enforcement are exempt from the ban.

The law is similar to another illegal, Communist and un-American gun ban in neighboring Highland Park.

The ban goes into effect June 13.

Those who keep the affected firearms could be fined up to $1,000 a day.

Those who attempt to take the firearms are expected to rack up millions of dollars in medical expenses as Americans refuse to abide by the tyrannical law defend themselves.



Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
April 3rd, 2018


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