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Illegal Aliens Gather in Washington DC & DEMAND They Are Given Amnesty IMMEDIATELY #o4a #Trump #DeportThemAll

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October 15th, 2017

Democrats and illegal alien hiring businesses invited reporters to a Capitol Hill event to watch illegal aliens demand amnesty and smear Republicans as racist, in Spanish and broken English.

“I’m here representing all the immigrant mothers like myself, will not allow the government to tear down our sons’ and daughters’ dreams while they try to separate our families,” said Lenka Mendoza, an unskilled illegal alien who has been living in the United States for 17 years since the year President Geoge W. Bush was elected. She continued, using a translator, saying:

The president does not care about our children and our families. Trump and his government supposed priorities are nothing else but an anti-immigrant and white-supremacist agenda that don’t solve anything … need clean act now.”

Todd Schulte, a Democratic political activist who is president of, a lobbying group formed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Venture Capitalists and software CEOs welcomed Mendoza to the podium. Nine of the group’s 15 founders are investors who would gain from cheaper white-collar labor and a larger population of customers in the United States.

Schulte hosted the event to showcase Democrats’ opposition to President Trump’s new immigration principles, which balance business’ demands for more workers and customers against Americans’ worries that they and their children will be unfairly outsourced, sidelined and ignored amid mass immigration.

In his October 8 letter to Congress, Trump said:

These findings outline reforms that must be included as part of any legislation addressing the status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Without these reforms, illegal immigration and chain migration, which severely and unfairly burden American workers and taxpayers, will continue without end.

Immigration reform must create more jobs, higher wages, and greater security for Americans — now and for future generations. The reforms outlined in the enclosure are necessary to ensure prosperity, opportunity, and safety for every member of our national family.

Schulte’s speakers upped their demands, saying they want an amnesty for young ‘dreamer’ illegals plus an amnesty for their parents, to be delivered immediately and without any compromises, such as the improved border defenses sought by a supermajority of Americans reports Breitbart

The illegals were invited to speak alongside leadership speakers at the event, including the House Democrats’ leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi — who described Trump’s immigration proposals as “trash” — and the chairwoman of the Democrats’ Hispanic caucus.

The escalating demands and aggressive rhetoric from Schulte’s illegals were much sharper than the prior soft-spoken claims by Democratic leaders who say they want to protect ‘dreamers’ from deportation. That soft, poll-tested language has been damaged by simple questions from reporters who have shown the bigger-than-expected scale, cost and demographic impact of what started out as supposedly modest demand to save 690,000 DACA illegals from repatriation.

The new language from Mendoza included a claim that immigration-enforcement officers of “terrorizing” people.

“Congress can solve today the young people’s situation without using them as an excuse to deport their mothers or spending more money terrorizing people that live near the border,” said Mendoza, an unskilled migrant who cleans houses for a living.

“Many people think ending DACA or approving the Dream Act will only affect young people, but this is not true. This is something that effects all of us – mothers, our families and all of our communities,” Mendoza said.

A second illegal, Ingrid Vaca, said she arrived in the United States from Bolivia in 2000. “I came to this country with dreams to protect my sons and to give them a better future,” she said in heavily accented English, adding: I would not let anything stand in their way.”

The escalated demands from the illegal aliens are compatible with Schulte’s goals, which primarily include a defeat of the popular RAISE Act, authorized by Goerge Sen. David Perdue and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

The RAISE Act is a problem for Schulte’s investors because it would halve the inflow of new customers and workers, and –worse — it would prevent the investors from pushing Congress to pass the so-called “staple” green card proposal.

The proposed “staple” visa program would allow foreign students at U.S. universities to receive a green card stapled to their graduate degree. It is very popular among business groups because it would create a huge wave of salary-cutting white-collar competition in the skilled job sectors where young Americans hope to earn a good living. The salary-cutting competition would be intensified by the government’s offer of the very valuable prize of citizenship to foreign graduates who take jobs sought by the 800,000 Americans who graduate from college each year with skilled degrees in business and medicine, engineering, architecture and science, technology, math and chemical engineering.

But Schulte’s investors won’t get their staple proposal — or any increase in white-collar H-1B outsourcing — if Trump and the voters pressure Democrats to accept Trump’s popular immigration principles in exchange for a limited amnesty.

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