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Illegal Alien Loving Gov Cuomo Demands Trump Stop Immigration Crackdown #Trump #DeportThemAll #BuildTheWall

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has chosen treason, and has utterly discarded his vow to uphold the Constitution, and sent a “cease and desist” letter to federal immigration authorities Wednesday, ordering them to alert state and local police before they attempt any more arrests and demanding they leave some illegal aliens alone altogether.

He also said he was issuing an executive order banning ICE officers from making arrests at state prisons and jails, and ordered agencies not to ask about immigration status. He was hoping to deny federal authorities information that could lead to future deportations.

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He also issued an executive order banning federal officers from making immigration arrests at state prisons and jails, told state agencies not to ask about immigration status, and said he’s creating rapid response team to get legal help to illegal aliens targeted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reports the Washington Times.

“I think it’s time a state stood up to ICE and made this case and let them know that people have rights,” the governor said while announcing his treasonous acts, accusing the federal government of “stoking terror among law-abiding residents,” all the while ignoring the obvious.

Illegal aliens can simply not be law-abiding, hence the word ILLEGAL.

His move puts New York back in stiff competition with California in the battle for the title of the country’s most treasonous sanctuary state — but it drew a stiff rebuke from the Homeland Security Department and Mr. Homan himself, who said as a native New Yorker he was insulted by the governor’s attack on him and his people.


Mr. Homan also signaled he’s not going to cave.

“ICE will continue to protect New York communities against public safety and national security threats and it is false and offensive for the governor to say otherwise,” he said.

Mr. Cuomo’s letter is part of his coming out of the closet as a full-blown Communist for the governor, who is facing a surprisingly strong challenge from actress Cynthia Nixon in this year’s Democratic primary. Ms. Nixon this month vowed to make New York a “real sanctuary state” and wants to grant illegal alien invaders privileges such as driver’s licenses.

Mr. Cuomo, though, didn’t mention politics. Instead, he said he was responding to “lawlessness” in recent targeted enforcement sweeps by ICE officers. He said one Staten Island community was terrified by officers who went after targets and found they weren’t home, but arrested other illegal aliens at the residences.

His brazen letter also accused ICE of targeting illegal alienss who are outspoken advocates for the occupying illegal alien population, singling them out for deportation in order to squelch dissenting voices.


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April 26th, 2018


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