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WATCH – Idiot Starts ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ For Attention Seeking Morons *VIDEO* #HotCoilChallenge #DarwinAwards #Darwin

Millennials, the lost generation…

Unable to cope with reality, they’ve taken political correctness to an art form, created safe spaces, a plethora of imaginary genders, saying Trump is driving them to drink some mud-flavored narcotic, taking the Tide Pod Challenge, being called “Snowflake” damages their mental health, they’ve driven up emergency room visits to epidemic levels by committing various acts of self-harm, and generally proven that if you ask them “Are you really that stupid?”, they take it as a challenge to prove to you they are far, far more stupid than you ever imagined…

So just when you thought the “Tide Pod Challenge” was the most ridiculous online trend, someone took the Liberal Challenge, and came up with something at least as equally stupid.

The latest trend involves people pressing their bare skin to red hot coils atop stoves, suffering burns and of course posting the proof to social media. It’s being called the “Hot Coil Challenge.”

Some have posted videos of the foolish act to YouTube. Warning, before you watch, know that some may find the clip below disturbing and it includes profanity.

(In case Youtube has removed the video, we uploaded it below)

Others are uploading videos mocking the trend and encouraging people not to partake in the challenge, (which gives us hope).

Some see these challenges as opportunities to gain likes and followers, but health officials warn that those who participate can suffer serious consequences. When the “Tide Pod Challenge” was at its height, social media websites went as far as removing the dangerous videos.

Then, a YouTuber got some reactions of people watching the newest, most idiotic “challenge” out there.

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We can only hope these trends are a flash in the pan, so people can resort back to safer hobbies, like knitting or stamp collecting.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
March 5th, 2018


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