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Hostility Toward “Journalists” Grows Worldwide As Humanity Tires of Talking Head Propaganda #news #fakenews #propaganda

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Throughout history, there have been moments where humanity reached their threshold of tolerance and brought about abrupt change. As Popeye might say it, “they’ve had all they can stands, they can’t stands no more!”

Humanity has reached another one of the legendary “Popeye moments”, and this time the target of our collective ire is the news media, better defined as Yellow Journalism Propaganda.

After decades of increasing dishonesty and distractions pumped out by corporate cookie-cutter entertainment styled “news”, the media watchdog Reporters Without Borders says hostility toward journalists is growing worldwide, often encouraged by political leaders — even in democratic countries, AP News reports.

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The group’s annual global index of media freedom released Wednesday found an overall rise in animosity toward reporters and a drop in freedoms, notably in former Soviet states but also in countries from the U.S. to the Philippines.

What the report fails to mention is the propaganda nature of “news” in the 21st century, with CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post as poster children of mainstream propaganda media, ie: fake news, which has proliferated since then President Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

The group says many democratically elected leaders “no longer see the media as part of democracy’s essential underpinning,” singling out U.S. President Donald Trump for his media-bashing. It also notes the recent killings of reporters in EU members Slovakia and Malta.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it was “ridiculous” to suggest that Trump or his administration has halted freedom of the press.

“I think we’re one of the most accessible administrations that we’ve seen in decades,” Sanders said Wednesday. “I think by my mere presence of standing up here and taking your questions, unvetted, is a pretty good example of freedom of the press and I think it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.”


The media watchdog says authoritarian regimes are trying to “export their vision” that media should be compliant.

It says hate speech targeting journalists is amplified on social networks by government-friendly trolls in India, Russia and elsewhere.

What it doesn’t say is that until the media reforms itself and starts reporting real news again, is that the hostility will only continue to grow.


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April 25th, 2018


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