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Honduras First Lady asks Citizens To Stay & Help Find Solutions at Home #immigration #Honduras

On a visit to an immigrant detention facility in McAllen, Texas, on Monday, Honduras’ first lady urged her country’s citizens to stop trying to enter the United States illegally.

Ana Garcia Carias, wife of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, promised to seek solutions within Honduras, saying, “Stay in the country and let’s look for solutions to support you.”

Nearly one quarter of the 40,810 unaccompanied illegal alien minors who crossed into the U.S. in 2017 came from Honduras. This is not the first time Garcia Carias has visited a facility, and she spoke with Hondurans who had fled their home country, asking their reasons for doing so.

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More than 60 percent of the population of Honduras was living in poverty as of 2016, according to The World Bank. Political turmoil and an enormous gang presence have driven the country’s homicide rate to one of the highest in the world.

But Garcia Carias said on Monday that they could do better to keep their youth home, saying that “More jobs, more education, better infrastructure and the safety of all is a priority for the government.”

The comments from Garcia Carias will likely be welcomed by President Donald Trump, who threatened to stop sending U.S. aid to Honduras in April over the massive caravan of illegal aliens that traveled into Mexico on their way to crossing the U.S. border. Many of the roughly 1,000 caravan members were reportedly Honduran.

In May, Trump removed the Temporary Protection Status of 57,000 Hondurans living in the US, telling them to leave or to face deportation. The president has made a series of threats and measures aimed at deterring illegal aliens from seeking asylum in the United States.


As well, an illegal alien recently reunited with her child warned other illegal aliens to stay out of America and find some other nation to sponge from.

In a statement published by CNN, Buena Ventura Martin-Godinez whined about the Trump administration’s “harsh” immigration policies.

“The laws here are harsh. And people don’t have hearts,” the illegal alien invader claimed. “People dream of coming here, to save their lives, but I don’t what them to experience what I’ve gone through.”

President Trump said on Twitter recently that illegal aliens were invaders who “must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases,” be sent home.

It turns out he was right, again. Bill Clinton signed a law allowing the deportation of illegal aliens without a hearing.

Upon reviewing Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act, it states:


“(1) REMOVAL WITHOUT FURTHER HEARING.-If an immigration officer or an immigration judge suspects that an arriving alien may be inadmissible under subparagraph (A) (other than clause (ii)), (B), or (C) of section 212(a)(3), the officer or judge shall-

“(A) order the alien removed, subject to review under paragraph (2);

“(B) report the order of removal to the Attorney General; and

“(C) not conduct any further inquiry or hearing until ordered by the Attorney General.

The Justice Department said it has begun distributing hundreds of millions of dollars in grant money that had been tied up in a major court battle over sanctuary cities, but sanctuary cities aren’t getting a dime.

The Justice Department put nearly $200 million in 2017 money on hold as the case proceeded.

But on Tuesday an appeals court narrowed the ruling, saying that while the district court could decide the fate of Chicago’s practices, it couldn’t tie the hands of the entire country.

The Justice Department said that cleared the way to dole out cash to departments that do abide by the cooperation conditions.

“After the stay was granted, the Justice Department promptly moved to begin the distribution of nearly $200 million in Byrne JAG funds to jurisdictions that share the department’s commitment to keeping criminal aliens off our streets and our law abiding citizens safe,” said Justice spokesman Devin O’Malley. “Reviews of some applications remain ongoing.”


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July 3rd, 2018


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