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Homeless Across America Expected to Swarm California After Housing Plan Announced #California #DeportThemAll

You’d think the sensible thing to do would be to deport illegal aliens, wouldn’t you? They cram themselves by the dozens into single-family dwellings. If American citizens did that, the health dept in California would be all over them like white on rice. But, since they’re illegal aliens, they’re allowed to break the law with impunity, and no fear of repercussions.

In the meantime, Americans are living in the streets because illegals have taken all the available jobs and housing in California. I know, I’ve seen it first hand.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city leaders broke ground Wednesday on the first permanent supportive housing units to receive funding from a 2016 voter-approved measure to build housing for the homeless, reports CBS Los Angeles.

“Today marks a new chapter in our fight to get homeless Angelenos off the streets and into homes,” Garcetti said. “So I want to thank the people who backed Prop HHH — with this groundbreaking, your votes are building a legacy that will support people for decades to come.”

The housing initiative promised to help the city build 10,000 units of housing for homeless Angelenos over the next decade.

Wednesday’s groundbreaking of the second phase of the PATH Metro Villas in East Hollywood will provide 122 new housing units and a health clinic. The Metro Villas project is expected to open in spring 2019 and is among the nine projects which received initial funding from Proposition HHH. The remaining eight projects are expected to break ground next month.

The groundbreaking comes as the number of homeless people is on the rise in the city. The 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count found that homelessness rose 20 percent in L.A. from 2016 — to more than 34,000 people.


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December 21st, 2017

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