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A Brief History of the Death of Free Speech & Rise of Censorship on Facebook *VIDEO* #socialmedia #Facebook #Zuckerberg #censorship

15 years ago an upstart social media platform came into being. We all know it as Facebook. Launched as a Harvard-only social media network, it didn’t take long for Mark Zuckerberg, who will be referred to as Zuck from now on, to find some suckers to help fund his stolen intellectual content.

In June 2004 Peter Thiel invested $500,000 to Zuck. In July 2004 Facebook incorporates into Facebook Inc. By September 2004 ole Zuck is slapped with his first of many lawsuits over the years. ConnectU, the people he stole the platform idea from sue him and win. So in reality, Zuck started his company as a thief. How fitting for the low life scumbag he is.

Facebook, by the end of 2004 is still only available on college campusus but hits 1 million suckers, I mean users anyways. NewsCorp. acquires MySpace,spurring speculation of a possible sale of Facebook to a larger media company, but unfortunately for the general public this sale doesn’t happen. In August of 2005 Facebook purchases the domain name for $200,000. Boy to have had that name before hand.

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In September of 2005 Facebook launches a high school version of the website so Zuck can start indoctrinating the kids younger. 1 month later Facebook expands to UK universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and others. By the end of 2005 Facebook has now expanded to 2 continents, added photo features, and the ability to tag friends into posts.

In March of 2006, rumors swirl that Facebook is again under consideration to bought by someone else, but alas, unfortunately, Facebook keeps it’s “individuality”, which is still a bad thing with a thief like Zuck in charge.

In April 2006, Facebook expands its membership to include corporate employees and by September 2006 Facebook membership is opened to the general public.

Any sucker can use Facebook now. Facebook also launches “News Feed”. The original news feed is an algorithmically generated and constantly refreshing summary of updates about the activities of one’s friends. The concept was relatively new at the time. Oh how things have changed.

In 2007 Facebook launches for mobile phones and officially announces support for phone users. With the expansion of cell usage across the country and world, Facebook now can reach into your data and privacy worldwide. Microsoft announces that it will purchase a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million, giving Facebook a total implied value of around $15 billion. However, Microsoft also gained ad exclusivity in this deal, so the $15 billion valuation figure is disputed.

Facebook launches Facebook Beacon with 44 partner sites at the time of launch. Beacon is part of Facebook’s advertisement system that sends data from external websites to Facebook, for the purpose of allowing targeted advertisements and allowing users to share their activities with their friends. Certain activities on partner sites are published to a user’s News Feed. On the same day, Facebook launched Facebook Pages. So at this point the data collecting is set into high gear.

In June of 2008 the thief, Zuck and Facebook settles both lawsuits, ConnectU vs Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg et al. and intellectual property theft, Wayne Chang et al. over The Winklevoss Chang Group’s Social Butterfly project.

The settlement effectively had Facebook acquiring ConnectU for $20 million in cash and over $1.2 million in shares, valued at $45 million based on $15 billion company valuation.

Zuck got off easy.

Facebook then launches a complete site redesign with options for tabbed redesign, and allows users to opt into it.

By September 2008, it forces all users to opt-in. Keyword here is “forced” and forcing users will become more and more prevelent as time goes on.

Facebook also sets up an international headquarters in Dublin Ireland before the year ends, now having an international flair for their data collection and sale.

Feb 2009 Facebook activates the Facebook “like” button.

Sept. 2009 Facebook announces a feature whereby people can @-tag friends in their status updates and comments. June 2010 Facebook introduces the option to Like individual comments.

October 1st 2010 the movie “Social Network” debuts to critical acclaim.

Of course, Zuck denies he’s a thief, but at this point but we all know better, don’t we?

July 2011 Facebook partners with Skype to add video chat and updates its website.

August 2011 Facebook now grabs hold of your phone and really picks up the data, which they will sell without permission later. In October they start grabbing your data on IPhone also.

April 2012 buys Instagram and now is gathering even more data to sell. Soon after Facebook hits 1 billion users but many of them are fake accounts.

Zuckerberg joins 700 Facebook employees for the June 2013 Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration march in San Francisco, U.S. The 2013 Pride celebration was especially significant, as it followed a Supreme Court of the United States ruling that deemed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional.

Now Facebook is rapidly becoming political and their censors are also, with their far leftist leaning positions. Conservatives start to get censored and suspended for their political views.

In Oct 2013 Facebook acquires Onavo, an Israeli analytics company, for approximately $120 million and their data abuse is now set in full motion.

Facebook marks the ten-year anniversary of its launch (February 4, 2004), and Mark Zuckerberg writes a public post about why he is proud of Facebook so far. 5 years ago Zuck celebrates 10 years of being a thief, stealing data and selling it. Remember, Zuck started this whole thing with theft.

February 2014 Facebook goes full on LGBTQ by many new LGBTQ-friendly gender identity and pronoun options. No matter what people say, there’s 2 genders. You can’t change your chromosones.

Dec 2014 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds his second Q&A, open to the public, about Facebook, where he discusses the dislike button and Facebook’s role in promoting viewpoint diversity, helping people share more, and facilitating social and political transparency. Of vourse he didn’t take questions from conservatives in attendance.

Facebook launches “Instant Articles” for Publishers. Publishers who use Instant Articles can opt in to have some of their articles shown to mobile users inside Facebook’s app itself, without users having to leave the app and visit the customer’s website. Initial launch partners include BuzzFeed, the New York Times, National Geographic and six others.

The article as displayed on Facebook mimics the article on the website in terms of layout, and Instant Articles allows for correct attribution and analytics with tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, and Comscore, in addition to publishers benefiting from Facebook’s own analytics.

Publishers can choose to have only a subset of their content available as Instant Articles, and Facebook handles the porting of the article to the Instant Article format itself.

BuzzFeed praised Facebook for complying with its requests for compatibility with analytics tracking, and said the process was very collaborative throughout. Load times are claimed to be ten times faster than the mobile web. Publishers can keep all the ad revenue if using their own ads, but Facebook gets a 30% cut if the ads are shown by Facebook.

This is where Facebook really starts to take page owners to the cleaners.

August 2015 Facebook announces that it has hit the milestone of 1 billion users accessing it on a single day. But of course, remember, half the users are fake accounts.

June 2016, Facebook starts to take control of the users news feeds. Censorship is now in full swing.

Throughout 2016 leading to the election, many conservatives are silenced and censoring and suspensions are put in high gear.

After the 2016 election, which Facebook along with all of Silicon Valley didn’t like the results, they spend the next 2 years total silencing conservative voices, video live feeds, and pages. Many of these pages won’t see the election.

April 2018 Facebook is brought in front of both houses of Congress for their data breaches and selling of data. Zuck flat out lies to Congress and tells the world his 20,000 censors are “Extremely Left leaning”. August 6th Facebook is in a coordinated Silicon Valley attack, deplatforming Alex Jones and Infowars. Free speech and the 1st Amendment of the Constitution are thrown in the trash can by all these companies.

July 2018, Facebook stock drops like a rock losing the company billions upon billions of dollars in one days.

Oct. 11th Facebook remove hundreds of pages and accounts permanently in the Purge. An estimated 800 pages, mostly conservative, patriotic and Christian, are removed and many of these pages spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising on Facebook and millions and millions of followers are left wondering what happened.

This coordinated attack on free speech and the 1st Amendment in many news articles say 1 billion to 2 billion conservative imprints were removed by Facebook before the election. So not only are they collecting your data and selling it but they are now engaged in election manipulation. Just wait til 2020 and see what they do to the election. They are already interferring in the Hungarian election to favor illegal immigration.

In summation: There was a time when Facebook was a great site to be on. Now it’s just a censorship, suspension machine while they are collecting your data in many different avenues without your permission and selling you data without your permission.

In short, Facebook can not be trusted with your information people. The time has come to make Facebook pay for their dishonesty and utter contempt for their users freedoms.

February 18th is a campaign to have as many people as possible permanently close down their accounts. I recommend you save anything you would like to save such as pictures, memes, asnd video off Facebook and when you’ve gotten to a point you are satisfied you’ve retreived all you want, close your account. There are plenty of other social media platforms out there who tout free speech and the 1st Amendment. Seek them out and go there and bring your friends with you.

Happy Birthday Facebook. I truly hope you DON’T have many more.

The Last Crusader


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
February 3rd, 2019


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