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WATCH: Hillary On Trump: ‘Hopefully He Hasn’t Ordered The Killing Of People And Journalists’ *VIDEO* #Hillary #Trump

Hillary Clinton On Trump: ‘Hopefully He Hasn’t Ordered The Killing Of People And Journalists’


President Donald Trump has “tendencies toward authoritarianism,” adding that she hopes he has not “ordered the killing of people and journalists” as Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of doing, Hillary Clinton said on Bloomberg News.

While being interviewed by the new unemployed Charlie Rose, she compared Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two-time failure for President discussed her ideas on Trump’s view of democracy, saying she “hopes” the president is not exactly like Putin in every way.

“I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie,” Clinton said.

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“He doesn’t value democracy? Rose asked. “So he’s not a ‘democrat,’ little ‘d?'”

Clinton replied, “No, he’s not, he’s a top-down guy.”

“He’s an authoritarian?” Rose asked.

“He has tendencies toward authoritarianism,” Clinton answered.

“So, he’s no different than Putin?” Rose asked.

Clinton would not say that Trump was different from the Russian autocrat, instead saying he “hopefully” does not commit the same crimes as Putin.

“Well, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,” Clinton replied.

During her campaign, Clinton took attempted digs at Trump’s statements about Putin, in which he called for improved relations with Russia.

Clinton claims to have tried to do the same thing as secretary of state in the Obama administration, but she never actually did.

She has repeated Trump likely colluded with the Russians to win the presidential election so often, she’s become the target of well-earned ridicule, and some even question her sanity because her refusal to admit she cost herself the election.

“There certainly was communication and there certainly was an understanding of some sort,” she said in an interview earlier in September.

Clinton’s appearance on “Charlie Rose” coincides with the recent release of her campaign book, What Happened. In the book, she called Trump a “creep” and described Russian involvement as a major reason why she unfairly lost the election.

Meanwhile, we know what happened. America said no to an evil, corrupt, criminal liar and elected President Trump.

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December 10th, 2017

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