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Hillary Tells New Zealand Audience She Intends to Continue Haunting America *VIDEO* #Hillary #Clinton

Hillary should know when to shut up and call it a career. She’s been at the same gig for 50+ years now, and the act is getting really stale.

The former First Lady and Secretary of State, and two-time loser in presidential bids, has been known for decades for being a liar, with her first prominent run in with the truth was way back during the Watergate investigation, when she was fired for lying.

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Now, she’s hobbling around the planet spreading her lies, her excuses, and just generally being a giant, festering boil on the backside of humanity.

During her globe-trotting escapades, people have been noticing Clinton’s health seems to be taking a turn for the worse, with many photos of an apparent back brace keeping her standing and sitting erect.

While on a stop in New Zealand to hawk her book off on unsuspecting rubes, The Hill reports that Hillary Clinton said that she thought about leaving the country after President Trump beat her in the 2016 election, but then gave fair warning that she intended to continue her attempts to destroy America and turn it into a Communist hell hole.

The former Democratic presidential nominee, speaking in New Zealand during the tour for her book “What Happened,” said she had gotten some offers to move to the nation after the election.

“I must say I really did appreciate the offers. Gave them some thought,” Clinton said. “But I’m going to stay put because we have work to do in my country as well.”

Clinton has been promoting her book detailing her campaign and contains a plethora of excuses about her election loss, around the world over the past several months.

Clinton has used the platform to speak out against Trump and his election win.

She was criticized earlier this year for saying that she won in parts of the country that were moving forward, while his campaign was “looking backwards.” The remarks were compared to her damaging “basket of deplorables” comments from the campaign, which many found insulting.

Clinton later clarified, saying she “meant no disrespect.”



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May 8th, 2018


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