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High School Students Defeat the Odds and Achieve Rare Feats #ACT #SAT #education

High School Students Defeat the Odds and Achieve Rare Feats

It’s always good to highlight the best of the upcoming generation. Let’s face it, they don’t often get good press.

With the racist rioters Black Lives Matter continually rioting when thugs got shot by police in the act of a crime, or rampaging communist rioters known as Antifa who profess to be anti-fascist, but are the actual fascists..

It’s got to be rough for Millennials and Generation Z coming up behind them, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Darius Washington, 16, said he didn’t think he’d done that well the last time the took the ACT. He was in for a shock.

The Neville High School student found that he had earned a rare perfect score on the ACT when he checked his results around midnight Monday. According to data from ACT, 1.9 million students took the test in the class of 2015 during their sophomore, junior or senior years. Of those, only less than 1,600 made a perfect score.

His parents, Marish and Sonia Washington, are very proud. Sonia Washington said she woke up to a text from Darius Washington first thing Tuesday morning, and she and her sister shared the news online, reports News Star.

Sonia Washington said her son took the ACT for the first time in seventh grade as part of Duke University’s Gifted Identification Program. In ninth grade, he scored a 32. In 10th, he scored a 33. He skipped a grade and will graduate early. The final time, he was just trying to bring up his math score so he could CLEP out of math classes at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. They weren’t expecting the perfect score, though that was a goal her son had set for himself.

When Maanasa Narayanamoorthy was born premature, all her mother wanted was for her to have a normal life. Years later, the 16-year-old not only granted her mother’s wish, but she also accomplished a rare feat: Perfect scores on the SAT and ACT exams, reports NOLA.

It is unclear how many people earn perfect scores on both. Neither the ACT nor College Board, which administers the SAT, track that data. Additionally, Narayanamoorthy had no expectations that she would land a 1600 on the SAT and a 36 on the ACT. She believes the achievement was sheer luck.

However, she admits some practice was involved beforehand.

“I prepped more for the SAT than the ACT, but a lot of credit has to go to my teachers,” Narayanamoorthy said. The daughter of Tulane accounting professors Ganapathi “Gans” Narayanamoorthy and Anupama Varadharajan was sitting in the living room of her Uptown residence Sept. 16, as she described taking “five or six” practice tests for the SAT a month before the real deal in January.

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November 22nd, 2017

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