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Hey Democrats! Here’s Why You Will NEVER Remove President Trump! #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Trump

It seems like ever since the day President Donald Trump was officially declared the 45th president of the United States, his mindless, hate-filled, America-hating critics have been demanding impeachment.

His time in office has been marked with a littany of bogus accusations, most prominently the Russia inquiry, where all of the actual evidence points directly back to Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Even the most fervent Trump haters agree: He isn’t likely to get impeached anytime soon.

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Let’s take a quick look at a few reasons why impeachment isn’t going to happen.

1. Presidents don’t usually get impeached

Though he’s one of the most contentious presidents in recent history, that doesn’t mean he’s the only unpopular president-elect to assume office. Take the election of 1860 — Abraham Lincoln’s win spurred several states to secede from the country, leading to the nation’s only Civil War. At least it hasn’t come to that (yet).

In the entire history of the U.S. presidency, only two leaders were successfully impeached — Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. With odds like that, Trump has a good chance of making it through his entire term without getting impeached.

2. Impeachment doesn’t necessarily mean removal from office

Some Americans think that impeachment means Trump will have to pack up his bags and head back to his penthouse living.

In fact, neither president who was successfully impeached actually had to leave office. That’s because of how the process works.

The house majority leader must put the impeachment to a vote, and the decision is based on a simple majority of the full chamber. But even if it passed the House, the Senate must also have a trial and convict the president by a two-thirds vote.

So while Johnson and Clinton were both technically impeached, the Senate convicted neither, and they both remained in office. Richard Nixon had the best likelihood of removal from office, but he resigned before the proceedings could begin.

3. The Republicans have no reason to remove him

The Republican party has no reason or desire to throw him out of office, and the repercussions on the party would echo for many years to come. It would be the end of the GOP.

Trump is the face of the Republican party right now, and in order to maintain the peace, the party needs to deal with his antics for the rest of his term or face the consequences.

4. The representatives are trying to keep their jobs

Impeachment requires members of Congress to vote on the issue, and these are the same men and women who will be up for election eventually. Not only will they face off against their opponents, but they’ll also be battling challengers from their own party in the primaries.

A 2014 Pew Research Center Study found that in off-year elections, the people voting in the Republican primaries were much more conservative than Republicans in general. So it would stand to reason that those voters wouldn’t take too kindly to their elected representatives trying to kick their president out of office.

For that reason alone, Trump probably won’t get impeached, even if a handful of Democrats posing as Republicans (RINOs) congressmen think he should be.

5. Trump still has a lot of support

According to The Atlantic, Trump’s approval ratings among Republicans, as of November 2017, haven’t dipped below 79% since he took office. Despite all the negative press, a faithful foundation of Trump supporters refuses to be dissuaded by all the lies spewed by the propaganda media and career liars, the Democratic Party.

Besides just support from voters, it’s also possible that Trump has a few fans in Washington, even if they aren’t as loud about their feelings as his critics are. Even the politicians who think he’s insane are beholden to the voters if they want to keep their jobs.

6. He hasn’t broken the law

No doubt Trump is a wild card and it’s impossible to predict what he’ll say and do next. He’s been accused by mentally deficient leftists countless times of misogyny, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and more.

None of those accusations are true, and Democrats know it. This is a common tactic the left uses when they know they have completely lost an argument and are desperate to distract from the fact that they are exactly what they accused someone of. It’s a trick they learned from Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda Minister long ago.

Nevertheless, making snowflakes melt isn’t illegal. If President Trump has been good at anything, it’s been creating countless meltdowns of weak-minded leftists.

So try as you might, Democrats, YOU HAVE NOTHING.

Just skulk away to your safe space, eat some Tide Pods, and leave running the nation to the mentally stable, because Lord knows, you aren’t.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
February 5th, 2018


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