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Worried Guam Officials Begin Urgently Preparing For N Korean Nuclear Attack *VIDEO* #Guam #NorthKorea

Worried Guam Officials Begin Urgently Preparing For N Korean Nuclear Attack

US defense officials have released two survival videos advising Guam residents on what they should do in the event of an attack.

Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense urged Pacific islanders to share the videos with their family and friends so locals can become “resilient”.

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The first video instructs residents to build a kit “in three easy steps”, filled with emergency supplies including non-perishable food items, a gallon of water and “important documents”.

Although officials claimed the videos are not connected to any imminent threat, the clip then guides residents on how they can prepare an evacuation plan.

The second video describes what residents should do if they hear an attack tone.

Officials advise everyone to seek immediate shelter in a concrete structure away from windows and doors.

Officials said locals should put together a supply kit filled with non-perishable food items, water, a flashlight, a radio, cash, medical items and important documents, which can last them for up to three days.

Islanders were instructed to speak with their family and decide on a meeting place, and develop an evacuation plan so they can meet up in case they are separated.

The emergency videos come weeks after North Korea successfully launched the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

The ICBM which is the longest-range missile ever tested by the rogue state, was capable of striking “the entire US mainland”, including Guam, Kim Jong-un claimed.

State television broadcast a photo of Kim’s signed order where he wrote: “Test launch is approved. Taking place at the daybreak of Nov. 29! Fire with courage for the party and country!”

Shortly after the missile launch, North Korea described itself as a “responsible nuclear power” and its weapons will protect the nation from “the US imperialists”.

Although there was no immediate threat to Guam or the Marianas, Donald Trump said the US “will take care of it. … It is a situation that we will handle.”

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Debember 19th, 2017

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