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Google Lists “Nazism” As GOP Ideology In “Knowledge Panel” #Google #propaganda

Google came under fire on Thursday after it’s “Knowledge Panel” listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

The leftist propaganda, which was first spotted by political strategist Eric Wilson, showed “Nazism” alongside other ideologies such as “Conservatism,” “Market liberalism,” “Fiscal conservatism,” and “Green conservatism.”

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The propaganda showed up in Google’s Knowledge Panel, which pulls information from various sources from across the web, including Wikipedia.

“Google should apologize for labeling Republicans nazis,” Wilson tweeted. Wilson is the founder of LearnTestOptimize, which describes itself as “a community platform for professionals working at the intersection of marketing, technology, and politics.”

The propaganda has since been erased, but not before the company was slammed by an army of Twitter users.


The news was first reported by Vice News.

In an attempt to do damage control, a Google spokesperson told Fox News “the error” was likely the result of vandalism on one of its sources.

“This was not the result of any manual change by anyone at Google. We don’t bias our search results toward any political party. Sometimes people vandalize public information sources, like Wikipedia, which can impact the information that appears in search,” the spokesperson said via email.

The spokesperson continued: “We have systems in place that catch vandalism before it impacts search results, but occasionally errors get through, and that’s what happened here. This would have been fixed systematically once we processed the removal from Wikipedia, but when we noticed the vandalism we worked quickly to accelerate this process to remove the erroneous information.”

This is just one of many examples of Google’s blatant bias against conservatives, and unless something is done, it’s unlikely to stop, and only increase.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
May 31st, 2018


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