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German War Games Hint At Invasion If Nations Choose to Leave European Union #o4anews #news

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November 7th, 2017

If nations were planning on leaving the European Union, they should do it soon.

The German army has begun practicing crushing any dissent in the EU, and have begun military war games simulating the break up of the European Union in study of security crises that could face the country by 2040.

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Military planners in Berlin played out a scenario in which a growing number of countries follow Britain in leaving the EU, resulting in an “increasingly disorderly” world, Der Spiegel reported.

“The EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, more states have left the bloc,” strategists wrote in a study cited by the magazine.

“The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflictual world has dramatically changed the security policy environment for Germany and Europe.”

Der Speigel said the study could inform German armaments programs in the next several years.

The scenario was one of six examined in a study of security challenges German generals believe could unfold over the next 23 years.

The other five include one in which some central and east European states enter an “Eastern bloc,” presumably a reference to the growing influence of Russia.

FAQ | European joint defense force

Why an EU army?
In March 2015, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU needed a common army to be taken seriously internationally. But Britain – previously Europe’s leading military power – had been opposed. Post Brexit, the EU can push ahead with plans.

Who is keen on the idea?
Leaders in Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Finland and the Czech Republic have backed the plan for a common EU army, along with many senior officials across EU governments.

Which countries would be involved?
It’s early days, but initial military plans envisaged countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland creating permanent military structures to act on behalf of the EU and for the deployment of the EU’s battle groups and 18 national battalions. It could also comprise an EU military planning and operations headquarters in Brussels that would parallel NATO.

Anything else?
Initial plans to try and boost EU defense spending, and save money by pooling resources, include exempting defence equipment manufacturers from paying VAT, and applying EU research grants to the sector.

Other scenarios envisaged European countries embracing “state capitalism” and a halt to globalization.

A spokesman for the German Defense Ministry said the study, called Strategic Perspective 2040, made “robust predictions” but did not attach probabilities to them.

He declined to comment on content of the report, saying it was confidential.

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