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Furious Women Call Police After Lewd Haunted House Encounter With “Shakes the Clown” #clown #news

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November 21st, 2017

Only in America could you go to a haunted house, only to have a clown ask if you’d like to have your p*$$y grabbed…

A Wisconsin haunted house had an interesting cast member, Shakes the Clown who was recently charged with groping two women during a recent performance.

From the sounds of things, he was a disgruntled liberal pervert looking for a cheap thrill and defame the President at the same time.

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According to a criminal complaint, the victims had their breasts pawed last month while waiting to enter a “haunted barn” at a campground in Janesville. Police had been summoned to the scene following reports that women were “touched inappropriately by a clown.”

Two women told cops that a “clown with green hair” first approached them and asked, “Do you want me to Donald Trump?” While making this inquiry, the clown “made a hand gesture towards their vaginas and made a squeezing motion,” the complaint alleges.

Both women said that they “were not touched at that time,” but had been “caught off guard by what the clown had said and found it inappropriate.”

Following the “Trump” comment, the clown allegedly grabbed and squeezed the breast of one woman, and then did the same thing to her companion. The clown’s actions, the women told police, left them feeling “violated and uncomfortable.” Neither victim, investigators noted, gave “the clown consent to grab her breast.”

A sheriff’s deputy subsequently identified the alleged assailant as Brandon Goral, a 43-year-old Janesville resident. Goral said that he “goes by the clown name of Shakes.”


During questioning, Goral (seen above) said that he “does not touch women’s breasts” unless requested to do so. Goral claimed that he was “asked multiple times by different females to grab their breasts for photos,” adding that he had received that request several times that evening.

When asked if he knew that haunted barn personnel were barred from touching customers, Goral replied that he “knows not to touch them unless they ask him to.” Goral acknowledged making the “Trump” comment and associated hand gesture, noting that, “You can see when people are political.”

Charged with two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault, Goral is free on $2000 bond. He has been ordered to have no contact with the two victims, who are identified by their initials in court filings.

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