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Furious With Marvel, Muslim Recreates Comic Book Character To Be Sharia Compliant #Marvel #comics #ShariaLaw

Sara Alfageeh, from Boston, has always loved comics. As a child, she used to “run home from the library with stacks of them”.

But the recent depiction of one character annoyed her so much she chose to take matters into her own hands, and she has taken it upon herself to ruin something, simply because it causes her extreme butt hurt.

In a tweet, Ms Alfageeh vented her frustration with the way the X-Men character Dust was drawn.

Dust, a mutant from Afghanistan, is described by Marvel as having a strong “respect for tradition”.

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Ms Alfageeh shared an image of Dust and asked: “Who looked at a niqabi character and still gave her the latex costume treatment?”

The question clearly hit a nerve with many other spineless, terrorist loving comic book fans.

A number of lemming infidels agreed that the design of Dust’s outfit was not reflective of a realistic niqab and took issue with the form-fitting outfit.

Ms Alfageeh, “fuelled by bitterness and a deep love of street fashion”, (mostly bitterness drawn from her worship of Satan) decided to take matters into her own hands and redesign the hero’s attire – echoing a recent trend on social media to redraw comic book characters seen as sexist .

Her Sharia-compliant images of Dust have been liked nearly 20,000 times on Twitter. And hundreds of infidels have replied to praise the “amazing” images.

Many Sharia-compliant Muslim women commented to applaud the fashionable designs.


In another act of destruction of an American Culture icon, the adventures of Marvel’s Captain America will soon be told by hard-core leftist, Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic.

The Marxist author who penned “The Case for Reparations” in June 2014 will turn his attention to “Steve Rogers” on the Fourth of July. Mr. Coates, a New York Times bestseller, explained his new gig Wednesday, the Washington Times reports.

“Captain America, the embodiment of a kind of Lincolnesque optimism, poses a direct question for me: Why would anyone believe in The Dream?” he asks in a piece titled “Why I’m writing ‘Captain America’”.

“What is exciting here is not some didactic act of putting my words in Captain America’s head, but attempting to put Captain America’s words in my head. What is exciting is the possibility of exploration, of avoiding the repetition of a voice I’ve tired of.”

Mr. Coates, who has also worked on multiple “Black Panther” books in recent years, added that he was drawn to the job because

“Captain America is not so much tied to America as it is, but to an America of the imagined past.”

“Then there is the basic challenge of drawing with words — the fear that accompanies every effort,” he added. “And the fear is part of the attraction because, if I am honest, the ‘opinion’ part of opinion-journalism is no longer as scary it once was.

Reporting — another word for discovery — will always be scary. Opining, less so. And nothing should really scare a writer more than the moment when they are no longer scared.

I think it’s then that one might begin to lapse into self-caricature, endlessly repeating the same insights and the same opinions over and over. I’m not convinced I can tell a great Captain America story — which is precisely why I want so bad to try.”

Mr. Coates told The Atlantic readers in 2014 that it was incumbent upon Americans to “imagine a new country” that permitted reparations for slavery.

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To give the Captain America franchise a complete politically correct reboot, Marvel’s upcoming new Exiles comic book series will see the comic debut of Peggy Carter as Captain America.

Nerdist reports the new Exiles team, featuring Blink, Cartoon Wolverine, an older Kamala Kahn and more, will travel around the multiverse and end up meeting an alternate version of Peggy Carter fighting for justice as Captain America.

This is the same Peggy Carter from 2016’s Marvel Puzzle Quest game, who takes over for Steve Rogers after he tragically dies during World War II. Peggy Carter inhabits a world controlled by the Red Skull, and, with the help from Blink and her Exiles team, Peggy Carter aims to finally overthrow the villain.

The Exiles comic, from Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez, will debut in April with Peggy Carter making her first appearance as Captain America in the third issue in May.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 31st, 2018


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