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French President Macron Facing Revolt From Within His Own Cult of Personality #France #Macron #o4anews

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November 15th, 2017

Well, that didn’t take long.

Emmanuel “Little Napoleon” Macron’s honeymoon is over and he is facing a revolt to his presidency after 100 members of his centrist movement announced they were stepping down due to its “arrogant” and “undemocratic” methods.

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Mr Macron, 39, swept to victory in May in part thanks to the help of an army of useful idiots, many with no prior political experience who were promised they would all have a say in the way his newly-created movement would be run.

But in just six months into his term of office, 100 members of his Republic on the Move (LREM) party – from students to elected officials – are bolting from his party, claiming the party as an “affront to the fundamental principles of democracy with an organizational style worthy of the ancient regime [before the revolution of 1789]”.

The self-styled “100 democrats” said Mr Macron had enthused citizens who had lost faith with their elites by promising to place them “at the heart of political life and not as background decor”.

Instead, they said the party had become Macron’s personal cult of personality.

“What a shame that by opting for a top-down organization and a governance by elites, by shunning collective skills and intelligence, LREM has cut itself off from its life force,” they lamented in a letter to headquarters.

The party, they said, and tolerated “neither freedom of opinion and expression nor internal criticism of power against its own abuse”.

Mr Macron himself has a reputation for obsessive discipline, reinforced last week when he berated his ministers for making derogatory remarks about each other to the press at one of the longest cabinet meetings in French political history. His ire was caused by reports that Gérard Collomb, 70, the interior minister, had been nicknamed “His Very Senile Highness” by colleagues.

Above all, the party mutineers said they were appalled at LREM’s intention to “crown” government spokesman and parliamentary relations minister Christophe Castaner as the party’s first leader at a congress in Lyon, southern France, this weekend without consulting party members and “in the absence of competitors”.

Unlike other French parties, the 380,000 members of LREM don’t get to vote for their new leader. Instead a “college” of elected officials, ministers, party executives and 200 party members are drawn from a hat do so

“The disdain and arrogance that (we) have been subjected to, the threats and attempted intimidation are not well-intentioned practices and suggest that Republic on the Move has lost the plot,” they wrote in a letter published by France Info.

In a final flourish, they said they were throwing in the towel to avoid being part of a “disappointing ideological vacuum” run by “fawning courtesans”.

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