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Trump Trumps Obama Again – Food Stamp Usage Lowest in 8 Years #Trump #welfare

Overall enrollment in the nation’s food stamp program has dipped to its lowest level in eight years, according to the latest statistics released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The latest USDA data reveals that enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—the federal government program that administers food stamps—dropped to 40,083,954 in March 2018.

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The last time enrollment in the food stamp program reached that level was February 2010, when 39,588,993 people participated in the nation’s food stamp program.

Under Trump, 2.2 million fewer people have discontinued their participation in SNAP.

It’s amazing what a good economy can do, isn’t it?

The USDA announced in March that it hired an “integrity officer” to bolster the administration’s efforts to prevent fraud in the country’s SNAP program and announced in February the rollout of its “Harvest Box” program to give food stamp recipients a box of food as part of their monthly benefits package.


Trump also released an executive order on welfare reform in April that would require the USDA to issue updated rules for those receiving benefits such as food stamps, and invest in workforce development programs.

This is just more fantastic news coming from Washington DC since President Trump was elected. Jobless claims are at the lowest in 3 generations, and despite the doom and gloom claims of the lamestream media, unemployment among black Americans is the lowest in recorded history.

But all of this great news doesn’t stop hardcore leftists.

Bill Maher recently hoped America would plunge into a depression, simply because he hates Trump.

Isn’t he just a peach? Here’s a better idea. Strip him of his wealth and airdrop him into Venezuela.

Bernie Sanders, not to be left out of the mix despite the good news, recently revealed his plan to convert America to Communism if Democrats retake the House in November’s elections.

Democrats… If not for hate, they would have nothing to say at all.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
June 13th, 2018


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