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Feminist-Transgender Alliance Disintegrates at Pride Parade #LGBT #feminist #CulturalMarxism

It was bound to happen, and it finally has.

Conservatives long predicted that feminism and transgenderism were ultimately incompatible, and for a long time their mutual hatred of conservatives held them together.

That movement, collective in their hate of the right, burst open, as lesbians led the parade in attacking transgenderism.

“Transactivism Erases Lesbians!” read a banner that temporarily led the Pride in London march in the heart of Britain’s capital.

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The banner caused a huge disruption, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan denouncing it in a statement, reports Pink News.

“Pride is about celebrating difference and London’s amazing LGBT+ community,” Khan’s spokesperson told PinkNews. “It’s about showing those round the world that in our great city you can be free to be whoever you want to be and love whoever you want to love. The vast majority of those present at today’s march respected and embraced that and the Mayor condemns the tiny minority who did not.”

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said:

“Pride is about celebrating difference and London’s amazing LGBT+ community.

“It’s about showing those round the world that in our great city you can be free to be whoever you want to be and love whoever you want to love.

“The vast majority of those present at today’s march respected and embraced that and the Mayor condemns the tiny minority who did not.

“Transphobia is never acceptable.”

The Mayor was initially meant to lead the march, but for much of the route was stuck behind the protesters.

The decision to allow the protesters to take the head of the Pride parade has led to strong criticism of Pride in London, with some LGBT campaigners calling on organisers to resign.

LGBT+ Lib Dems. Chair Jennie Rigg said

“I am appalled that transphobic protesters were allowed to lead the march and the crowd asked to cheer them on. This is a betrayal of the thousands marching. The Pride organisers should resign and offer a full apology.”

“Allowing them to continue, betrays the LGBT+ communities by sowing division and hatred at an event aimed at fostering inclusion, love and pride.

“Lib Dems are committed to preserving and extending rights for trans people.”

Yet once again, Liberals aim to crush speech that doesn’t conform to their belief system, even among their own.


But who can blame the lesbian outrage with it becoming almost commonplace for 2nd rate male athletes to claim transgender so they can compete in a league where their male genetics places them on a superior athletic level.

For example, mentally ill men who claim to be women were allowed to race in the last Boston Marathon, sparking controversy among experts who disagree on whether runners who identify as women but were born male might hold a competitive advantage.

At least five openly transgender (wo)men signed up to run And while they aren’t the first, they’re helping bring clarity to the race’s stance on mentally ill transgender runners, reports the Boston Herald.

“We take people at their word. We register people as they specify themselves to be,” said Tom Grilk, chief of the Boston Athletic Association, the group behind the race. “Members of the LGBT community have had a lot to deal with over the years, and we’d rather not add to that burden.”

That decision could prove controversial, said Bob Girandola, associate professor in the Department of Human Biology at the University of Southern California. He said if transgender runners produce higher levels of testosterone than their female competitors, that’s an issue.

“If they still have male gonads, they will have an advantage over other women — there is no way around that,” Girandola said. “It gives them an unfair advantage. Maybe they have to have a separate category if they’re going to do that. It’s a dilemma.”

In a strange twist, a study found that almost 90 per cent of teenagers have gender-bending chemicals from plastic in their bodies.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in plastic containers and water bottles, on the inside of food cans and in till receipts.

The chemical, used since the 1960s to make certain types of plastic, mimics the female sex hormone oestrogen, and has been linked to low sperm counts and infertility in men, as well as breast and prostate cancer.

It could also be causing the current gender confusion seen around the world as the chemical wreaks havoc inside the body and mind.

A study by the University of Exeter, whose researchers tested urine samples from 94 teenagers, found 86 per cent had traces of BPA in their body.

Although it is found in till receipts, sunglasses and CD cases, the main way people are exposed is through plastic packaging whose chemicals leach into food, reports The Telegraph.

As well as giving urine samples, the teenagers filled out food diaries. Even when they were told to avoid BPA in their diet for a week, there was no measurable fall in the chemical within their bodies.

This has been blamed on the widespread use of the chemical in food packaging.

Participants told researchers ‘almost everything is packaged in plastic’.

One added: ‘I found it really hard to know what foods I could eat … there is never a guarantee it is BPA-free.’

Foods that appear safe because they are not sold in plastic packaging may still contain ingredients which have been exposed to the dangerous chemical. Highly processed products and fast food are believed to be a particular risk.

Professor Tamara Galloway, lead author of the research, said: ‘We found that a diet designed to reduce exposure to BPA, including avoiding fruit and vegetables packaged in plastic containers, tinned food, and meals designed to be reheated in a microwave in packaging containing BPA, had little impact on BPA levels in the body.’

Previous research has shown people risk higher exposure if they repeatedly use plastic bottles containing BPA, because of wear over time, and if they heat up plastic tubs containing the industrial substance in the microwave.

While BPA is removed from the blood by the kidneys within hours, recent studies show it can stay in the body for up to 43 hours, suggesting it builds up in a person’s fat.


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July 10th, 2018


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