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FCC Rolls Back Obama Regime “Net Neutrality” Regulations #FCC #Obama #internet

FCC Rolls Back Obama Regime “Net Neutrality” Regulations

Given that nothing else Obama did worked, it’s likely for the best that the much-debated “Net Neutrality” was repealed.

Well, today is the day.

The FCC voted to eliminate the Open Internet Order, better known as “net neutrality” regulations, reports CNBC.

The decision will give more power to internet service providers (ISPs) to set pricing and prioritize different types of internet traffic.

In short, you’re likely to start seeing changes to your broadband bill, so be sure to pay attention to future invoices.

“For those of you out there who are fearful about what tomorrow will bring, take a deep breath, this decision will not break the internet,” FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly said. “While repealing net neutrality rules grabs headlines… net neutrality started as a consumer issue but soon became a stepping stone to impose vastly more common carrier regulation on broadband companies.”

O’Reilly said he also hopes congress considers supporting paid prioritization, specifically pointing to use-cases by autonomous vehicles and medical systems that could benefit from prioritized internet speeds.

The Open Internet Order, which was set in place during the Obama administration in 2015, required telecommunications and cable companies to treat all online traffic as equal.

Republicans say taking an egalitarian approach discourages ISPs from investing in better infrastructure and technologies to improve the internet. It may also make it harder for smaller ISPs to gain ground.

The FCC is currently led by Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed to that role by President Donald Trump.

“Title II did not create the open internet, and Title II is not the way to maintain it,” FCC commissioner Brendan Carr said. “After a two year detour, one that has seen investment decline, broadband deployments put on hold, and innovative new offerings shelved, it’s great to see the FCC returning to this proven regulatory approach.”

Carr pointed to the free and open internet that existed before the 2015 Open Internet Order as proof the changes will be successful.

Net neutrality proponents, including many large internet companies, argue that allowing ISPs to prioritize internet traffic differently may drive ISPs to charge more for various activities. For example, because streaming video takes up more bandwidth than reading text-based sites, companies could charge more. Removing the regulations may also allow ISPs to stifle services that compete with their own, such as over-the-top streaming platforms like Netflix.

The FCC commissioners were widely split on the decision. Commissioner’s O’Reilly and Carr voted in favor of reverting the Open Internet Order, while Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworecel had strong-worded arguments against it.

Seeing as how the internet worked just fine before these now-defunct regulations, it’s likely it will continue to thrive.

So fret not, while your bill may change some, the internet isn’t going anywhere.

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
December 14th, 2017

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