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FBI Adds To Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories With “Release” of Records Vault #o4a #SandyHook #news

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October 25th, 2017

The FBI must get a kick out of creating conspiracy theories, because they did nothing to stop any rumors about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn when they opened the records vault to the public.

If you want to call heavily redacted documents being a release anyway.

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The so-called release consists of 1,500 heavily redacted pages split into three parts that feature interviews with unknown individuals, official state and federal reports, numerous subpoenas and more.

You’d think the FBI would want to squash any conspiracy theories simply by revealing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But that would make sense, and the government will have none of that!

So instead of clarity and transparency, America gets the never-ending conspiracy theory of Sandy Hook.

In many cases entire pages are redacted, as others are also pointing out online.

Throughout unredacted portions of the docs, 20-year-old gunman Adam Lanza is described as a loner tech-savvy high school dropout who enjoyed Japanese techno music and Manga, had an interest in weapons and was an experienced shooter, reports Infowars.

“Adam was a functioning autistic with a personality disorder and was a recluse,” one unredacted sentence from the agency’s summary reads (pg 6, 1 of 3).

In a section entitled, “Adam’s Physical Health,” the FBI explains Lanza may have had a “kidney/gastrointestinal health condition” and that he underwent kidney and gall bladder tests, had difficulty sleeping and weighed 85 pounds in 2010.

“Adam was diagnosed with Ashberger’s [sic] Syndrome, a form of autism, in approximately the 8th grade. He left high school in either the 9th or 10th grade, and essentially became a ‘recluse,’ shutting himself in his bedroom, playing video games all day,” one anonymous source reportedly told agents.

The documents also highlight the FBI’s investigations of numerous death threats to various businesses and Newtown residents from copycats pretending to be Lanza in the days and months following the incident.

Update: On page 41 (1 of 3), a source revealed federal agents had visited Adam Lanza years ahead of the massacre. The source told agents that Lanza, while in the ninth grade, was visited at his home by either CIA or FBI agents after hacking “a government computer system.”

“The authorities told Nancy [Lanza] that if her son was that smart he could have a job with them someday,” the source said.
Check out the newly-released docs below:

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 01 of 03 by adan_infowars on Scribd

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 02 of 03 by adan_infowars on Scribd

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 03 of 03 by adan_infowars on Scribd

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