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Fascistbook Fires Up the Ovens & Gas Chambers, Begins Summary Executions of Conservative Pages & Users #Trump #Facebook #SocialMedia

It has begun.

The arrests and summary executions of conservatives has begun on Facebook in earnest.

As of the moment of this being published, no less than a dozen independent news websites that I personally know about have been removed from Facebook. I know it’s happening for certain, because I am one of those whose page was deleted, as you can see by the screen shot below.

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But that wasn’t good enough for Facebook. No, not good enough at all.

You see, it wasn’t enough for their Socialist Thought Police to merely delete our pages that reflected years of work, of our lives, and of our souls… No, that wasn’t enough.

They also deleted our personal pages as well. Just see below.

I’m just showing you my information, but just so you do know it’s not me making up some tale of woe, here’s a screen shot of an email I received shortly after sending out my own.

As well, a screen shot of notifications from Facebook just before they disabled an account.

As well, I have received many phone calls of friends from Facebook, who are reporting their personal pages have been disabled as well.

I often told people that being a Conservative on Facebook was akin to Anne Frank living in her basement, trying to sneak messages past the Gestapo.

How apt that analogy is today, because the SS came knocking today, and sent me to the death camp along with friends and loved ones.

Congratulations, Mark Zuckerberg. You are the 21st century, digital equivalent to Adolph Hitler.

This is nothing short of election tampering, given the specificity of the targeting by Zuckerberg’s Thought Police. All pages opposed to the agenda of the left, all news sources dedicating to exposing the left with the truth.

I have waited for years for this to happen, honestly. 5 years ago, I founded the conservative movement, Overpasses For America. We began by calling for the impeachment or arrest of Barack Hussein Obama, but when it became clear that was never going to happen, no matter how many laws he broke, we moved onto other political issues, such as supporting candidates.

Over the last 5 years, I have spent no less than two and a half of those years in “Facebook Jail”, for ridiculous things like telling the truth, or posting cartoons of Elmer Fudd that they found to be “a credible threat of violence”. Judge for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to hear of any instances of Elmer Fudd becoming a physical manifestation of himself in this world. How they determined that is a credible threat of violence, is beyond the comprehension of anyone with a functioning brain.

This is no accident, this is no random chance, this is the National Socialist Gestapo Thought Police rounding up those they see as Jews, and sending them to the gas chambers, and burying them in mass digital graves.

There may not be any actual bodies, but the evil intent behind it is no less malevolent, no less evil, and no less intended to silence the opposition.

Mark Zuckerberg and the officers of every social media and internet company accused of censorship should be placed in front of military tribunals for crimes against humanity, crimes against the Constitution, crimes against the rights of fellow Americans, and whatever various federal laws that would apply.

This is nothing less than an attempt by Mark Zuckerberg to silence the conservative voices just before the mid-term elections. The timing was no accident.

Welcome to the Soviet Socialist States of Digital America, where only the chosen members of the party have free speech.

Only direct intervention by the Trump administration can reverse this. Direct, brutal, holding CEO’s in Gitmo level of intervention. It is time.

Either that, or welcome to the brave new world of controlled thought and speech.

Or perhaps the govt should just shut Facebook down for repeated offenses of violating the civil rights of millions of Americans, and let the new social media platforms coming about take over. Like Mumblit, for example. See below.



James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
October 11th, 2018


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