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Famous ‘Snake Whisperer’ Charms a Cobra One Too Many Times #DarwinAwards #snakes #snakecharmer

A famed ‘snake whisperer’ in Malaysia has died after he was bitten by a cobra, according to media reports.

Free Malaysia Today reports that Abu Zarin Hussin, a firefighter whose snake-catching skills have gone viral, received the fatal cobra bite three days ago. The 33-year-old died early on Friday, it said.

Abu Zarin Hussin, the firefighter renowned for his snake-catching skills, died early today after being bitten by a cobra three days ago.

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The 33-year-old died at 12.54am in the intensive care unit of the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital here, Pahang Fire and Rescue Department director Abdul Wahab Mat Yassin said.

Abu Zarin led a fire department King Cobra Squad, where he trained other firefighters to catch the deadly serpents, according to Free Malaysia Today.

A 10-year firefighting veteran, he showcased his snake-handling skills on “Asia’s Got Talent” last year. His exploits are also widely documented on social media.

Abu Zarin, who was in critical condition after being bitten by the snake he was attempting to catch in Bentong, was admitted to the Bentong Hospital on March 13 before being transferred to the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital.

“Abu Zarin’s remains were taken to Kampung Permatang Gading, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan at 5am and are expected to be buried before the Friday prayers today,” said Abdul Wahab when contacted.

Abu Zarin, who hailed from Pasir Puteh, had served the Fire and Rescue Department for over 10 years. He was attached to the Muadzam Shah Fire and Rescue Station in Pekan before being transferred to Temerloh.


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He headed the King Cobra Squad of the Fire and Rescue Department, established at the end of 2015, and helped train firefighters to catch the venomous animals. He also delivered public talks.

Abu Zarin had been bitten by snakes several times before and even spent two days in a coma after being bitten by a cobra in 2015.


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March 16th, 2018


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