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Fake Trump Supporter Outed As Toothless Leftist Attack Dog #o4a #Trump #RT #ccot #pjnet #tcot

There once was a story about a man named Bob. Bob Jones, that is. Tool, he is, a Texas liberal tool…

First, let’s touch on some background so you understand as much of the story as I can stomach to type out.


You may or may not have heard of Overpasses For America’s 11,000 protests & rallies over the last 5 years against Obama & all things Democrat, and for patriotic causes and beliefs. The organization began in 2013 to demand the removal of Barack Hussein Obama from the White House.

The idea was made nationwide after the Founder, James Neighbors read an article about a group of folks in Carlsbad, California holding an overpass protest demanding the impeachment of Obama.

After contacting the group, it was decided to make this a national organization, and the group in Carlsbad joined with Overpasses For America.

Strength in numbers, or so the theory goes.. The relationship with the founder of the Carlsbad group soured quickly for various reasons, none of which I’ll bore you with here.

Nevertheless, Overpasses For America was born, and we got off to a fast start, demanding the removal of Obama from office.

Little did we know the haters and trolls we’d attract. None of us had ever even protested before and we were literally flying by the seat of our pants, learning as we go.

We held over 700 protests across the country in June 2014 to demand that Congress give no Amnesty to illegal aliens. This was a coordinated effort between many patriot groups, but Overpasses For America was the organizing hub, because of our experience in legal, PEACEFUL protests. Overpasses For America was instrumental in stopping illegal alien Amnesty as you can see, because we still don’t hate it.

We continued our actions, demanding Obama be removed from office for another 3 years, dealing with various leftist groups splattering lies and propaganda about us, and just moving along despite their worst efforts…


Then along comes Bob…

Bob Jones first came to my attention as an overpass flag waver supporting then-candidate Trump for President.

Overpasses for America’s National Administrator, and Texas group leader, Fred Schneider acquainted himself with Bob Jones, the “leader” of the Trump supporters. (It should be noted that Bob has been kicked out of the group he started because they became sick and tired of his lies and accusations without any evidence.)

Soon thereafter, Fred told Bob about a nationwide veterans food drive we had done for 3 years, and the group, including Bob thought it was a great thing to get involved with, so we invited them to join us in the 2017 food drive.

Here’s a few pictures from the 2017 Veterans Food Drive. This happened all over the nation, where Overpasses delivered literally TONS of food to various veterans charities and food banks.

That’s where the madness began…

Very shortly after that, Bob Jones began personal attacks on Fred, accusing him of ridiculous things such as stealing money that never existed, sexually harassing women at the rallies, etc, etc, ad nauseum. All without a shred of evidence. Not one iota of it.

With myself being the Founder and President of Overpasses For America (Also known in short as O4A, not to be confused with OFA, Obama’s SuperPAC), I wasn’t going to sit around and let someone slander a man I knew to be honest, honorable, and one of the most dedicated patriots I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It’s rare to meet a person you would trust with your life, but Fred Schneider is that type of man.

So, I introduced myself to Bob Jones, and he soon earned his nickname, “Lyin’ Bob”.

He rattled off accusation after accusation, and I patiently listened, waiting for evidence. None came.

When I asked Lyin’ Bob if he had any proof or witnesses to these accusation, he went into full liberal distraction and attack mode. He than began accusing me of collaborating with Fred, and then accused us of stealing his veterans food drive idea, and pocketing dues money from members.

I knew at that point, he was a liberal attack dog, because Overpasses For America doesn’t collect dues, and we never have, nor will we do so. The “dues” members of O4A pay are by actions, getting out on the street corners and overpasses.

The accusations went from annoying to the outright absurd in very short order.. Accusations that Overpasses For America was given 2 million dollars by CAIR to go to San Diego to steal the organization that I mentioned above, and Fred and myself lived in high dollar hotel penthouses on this Muslim-given money, AND that Overpasses For America, O4A, was actually Organizing For Action, OFA, Obama’s organization.

Given that Overpasses (O4A) was created specifically in the beginning to REMOVE Obama from office, this was about the worst possible slander anyone could have said about us.

Now I could go on and on and on, with screen shots of hundreds (literally hundreds) of lies that Lyin’ Bob has said about myself, my friends, and the organization I founded. I’m not going to bore you with them, but I did bore the local police with them, and there’s a handy police report down at my local PD regarding Lyin’ Bob Jones.

In fact, Lyin’ Bob was not asked just once, but countless times over the last year to produce one shred of evidence to back up his claims that Overpasses For America (O4A) received ANY funding from anyone, let alone the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR), or how the organization that protested thousands of times against the Obama regime, was somehow Obama’s PAC, (O4A) Organizing for Action.

I believe you’re beginning to get the picture… BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

It seems that when Lyin’ Bob’s attacks had no effect on us, (we just ignored him between ridiculing him), he decided to attack a whole army of patriots and patriot groups, with wild accusations and absolutely no evidence to back up his claims.

Here’s the short list.

Ace Baker, American Warrior Revolution, Billy Sessions at The Highwaymen, Jay Stanley, Liberty Media, Outlaw Morgan, Pissed Off American, Will Johnson, Mo Reese, Tammy Lee , Freedom Crew, Patriot Prayer leader Gibson, Doc Smith, LSM Militia, and the list goes on and on.

Starting to get the picture now? Bob attacks everyone. Who else but a leftist attack dog would take on so many known conservative patriots?

This little tale of liberal stupidity is drawing to an end, but I didn’t want you to take just my word for it.

Rob DeHaven, the creator of a NEW social media website Liberty Rush recently had the distinct displeasure of becoming acquainted with Lyin’ Bob Jones.

Here’s what he had to say:

Patriots are often deluged with hate online – and We’re used to being told not to feed the trolls. But after one of them infiltrated Liberty Rush to Attack Overpasses For America, I decided to ask Bob Jones why and the answer to my question was “Shut up your KKK” shut up you’re a racist”

I have tried to discover what makes this Liberal Troll tick. Or more appropriately – what makes a Liberal Troll like a tick. My conclusions will haunt you.

At the heart of This liberal Troll’s Attack on Overpasses For America is an intellectual dishonesty that defies logic. He will stake out a position that he knows can be overrun by facts, and then insist that He is right. Sometimes he’ll even admit his wrong with his words and yet hold fast to his position with his thinking.

Trolls are shitting all over our internet. You can hardly search for something as innocuous as “dog” on Google without coming across inflammatory attacks on every possible dog-related opinion under the sun. and this troll’s youtube audience will often top 5 viewers But all horrible things have to crawl before they can walk/crush spirits, though. Even trolls.

This story is not a good idea. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this short report is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.

So, I have come to a conclusion: arguing with Liberal Trolls is a supreme waste of time. And I have no time to waste. Our country has no time to waste.

Also, you should make a point to sign up for Liberty Rush.. It’s the polar opposite of liberal-dominated Facebook.

Check out Liberty Rush HERE.

You’ve probably gotten an idea of what kind of person he is that you you can see and hear for yourself, listen to this attack video Lyin’ Bob made about Outlaw Morgan.

Seeing is believing, right? See for yourself.

Bob has set his videos so they cannot be embedded in an effort to keep his slander being spread on patriot news sites such as this one, so you’ll need to click here to listen to his psychobabble nonsense.

By now, I’m sure you get the idea of what kind of person Bob Jones is. I generally have a strict policy of not feeding the trolls, but after a year of abuse by this professional troll, it was time he was exposed.

Thanks for your time,

James Neighbors, President & Founder of Overpasses For America.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 29th, 2018


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