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Fake News “Journalist” Colludes With North Korean Regime During Propaganda Tour #NorthKorea

NBC Fake News anchor Lester Holt found himself in hot water this week following his “cushy” tour of Kim Jong Un’s brutal communist kingdom, with foreign policy analysts and pundits blasting his trip as “propaganda” for Kim’s murderous regime.

The longtime host visited the Hermit Kingdom just weeks before NBC is set to broadcast the 2018 Olympic Winter Games hosted by South Korea, with viewers slamming Holt’s “one-sided coverage” as he went on a guided tour of the North’s major attractions.

Critics blasted Holt’s fake news reporting from a North Korean ski resort where he said he was treated “with respect” by his communist hosts; pointing out the “happy” Koreans enjoying the hotel were likely staged by Kim’s regime.

“Making my way back from North Korea to the states right now to anchor tonight’s @NBCNightlyNews broadcast. I’ll have my exclusive interview with a member of DPRK Olympic Committee, as well as what North Koreans think about America, economic sanctions and what they hope for most,” tweeted Holt.

“Holt is doing NBC’s business making everything seem hunky dory over on the Korean Peninsula,” one NBC insider told Fox News.

Holt’s fake news propaganda trip comes as relations between North and South Korea continue to thaw; with both nations marching under a unified Korean flag during the games’ Opening Ceremonies.


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January 23rd, 2018


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