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Expert Reveals Who Russia Would Side With & Why, If US & N. Korea Went To War #o4a #Trump

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October 22nd, 2017

While President Trump and N. Korea’s “Little Rocket Man”, Kim Jong-un, trade barbs and exchange gunboat diplomacy fire, the potential risk for a nuclear war has the world on edge.

Vladimir Putin, himself has described the threat as “catastrophic”, and opposes any military force being used in the region.

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While the US carries out massive naval drills in the region and blasts supersonic bombers on the Korean Peninsula, Kim Jong-un issues frequent threats of all out war.

But if a nuclear war were to break out on the Korean Peninsula, who would Putin side with in what could well turn into World War 3?

Putin described the entire issue between the United States and North Korea as a “relic of the Cold War” driven by “paranoia”.

Russia considers North Korea’s nuclear programme an “annoyance and irritation”, Korea expert Dr Leonid Petrov told Daily Star.

“One error” by Kim or Trump could escalate the conflict into World War 3 drawing in both Russia and China, Dr Petrov warned.

China would almost certainly march to war “to rescue Kim”, and perhaps surprisingly, Russia’s leader Putin would work to avoid “open confrontation” with the US.

Dr Petrov, from the Australian National University, said while Russia won’t openly side with North Korea in open war, but provide indirect support to China.

“If North Korea is under attack China would probably step in, restore balance and rescue them one more time,” he explained.

“Russia would be happy to support China logistically, but maybe not directly, and Russia would pretend to remain impartial in the conflict.”

Dr Petrov added: “Russia is rather sympathetic to North Korea, but at the same time they are irritated and annoyed with North Korea’s persistent attempts to create nuclear weapons.

“Russia understands North Korea is doing the dirty job for them by keeping Americans at bay and away from the East Sea.

“Russia and China don’t need to do a thing because North Korea is there like a regional sheriff or watch dog – making noises every time there are military drills by US and South Korea.”

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